I just want to be perfect

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Black Swan.
Obviously there has been some seriously super crazy hype over the last few months, and that has prompted disappointment in quite a few people I know who have seen, but I remain hopeful.
Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to your enjoyment of a film is to have it exalted before you see it.
If someone says “X is the bestest, awesomest, wonderfulest movie ever in the world”, how can the movie possibly live up to that review?

Even if the movie isn’t as good as I hope, the sheer beauty of it will most probably be enough.
That and the fact I love both Natalie and Mila.

I have a morbid fascination with ballet.
On one hand, it mutilates ballerinas and distorts their self-image and there’s the constant pursuit of perfection in order to survive in the world.
Quite a bit of the time, it’s rather unpleasant to watch performance because the teeny ballerinas are distracting gaunt and bony and no amount of grace or beautiful movements can stop you gazing at the bones protruding through skin-tight leotards.
On the other hand, sometimes it can be achingly beautiful if you can achieve the perfect combination of music and dance, lighting and costume, a slim healthy pixie-girl and a man whose package isn’t smacking you in the metaphorical face.

I’m not graceful.
Nor am I in anyway talented as a dancer.
Nor am I in anyway elfin.
I’m also quite fond of my non-deformed feet.

I like to watch ballet, but I have never EVER wanted to take part.
(actually this reminds me of a rather humiliating story from my childhood…you guys should check in tomorrow for that!)

So fingers crossed I enjoy the film.
And also that I can find a copy of a movie called Repulsion, which I’m really interested in seeing after reading this article examining the comparisons between it and Black Swan.

I’m a tres cultured movie connoisseur, me!



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22 responses to “I just want to be perfect

  1. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s beautifully made and the performances are excellent but for me personally, I had my reasons for being disappointed. In terms of execution, the film is stunning.

    • I do have a weeny problem after seeing a clip from the movie of Natalie dancing (I think it’s during the actual Black Swan performance) because she doesn’t look like a professional ballerina AT ALL!

      • I think she does a decent enough job convincing non-ballet sorts like myself though! Both she and Mila Kunis were taught how to dance en pointe which is pretty impressive I suppose?

        • Yeah it is impressive, but they should have availed of a body double a little more to make it more believable! Like I just find it hard to believe that THAT dance could have been such a challenge and worthy of a professional company’s top ballerina! Obviously what they both do is great for their level of skill and way more than I could do….I just think it spoils it a little….a body double would’ve been a big help!

  2. I’m counting down the days til the 21st.

  3. Cannot wait for it.

    Also, love the way you wrote this article. Longtime fan of your work.

  4. I can’t wait to see this! I haven’t heard much hype other than possible oscar nods, and seeing a few trailors. It looks amazing, the costumes are inspirational!

  5. Jules

    i’d just watch the movie just to see the awesomeness of it… (i’m not a move buff AT ALL, btw…!)

  6. I’ve been looking forward to it since I heard it was in production, and I’m deliberately ignoring the hype so I’m not disappointed. Two of the things I love most in the world – ballet and Natalie Portman – simply HAVE to make for the most amazing film ever.

    They have to. Don’t they?!

    *crosses off another date on the calendar, lovingly eyeing up the 21st*

  7. you can blame years of ballet for my bow knees

  8. I cannot wait to see this!! She looks so ridiculously over photoshopped in the poster though (pet peeve!!)

  9. Cant wait to see this! My brother saw it last week and he even liked it… Im a huge Natalie and Mila fan so I imagine I’ll love it 🙂

  10. I’ve seen it three times now..so yeah, I loved it! That said, I danced for years, and still do, so I’m sure that played a huge part. x

  11. Uber excited to see this! I probably won’t get around to it until about a week after its out, so be sure to let us know what its like!


  12. Angela

    Yeah I always go into the theater with no expectations of a film.. that way I’m always pleased! haha. Maybe that’s cheating? I’m excited to see Black Swan too.. I don’t know how I still haven’t seen it.. I’ve been dancing since 3 years old and was on pointe and everything. I’m most excited to see Natalie Portman though because she actually trained to be a ballerina for a year for this role and does all the dancing herself. I’m so impressed and pleased with that level of dedication and performance that I know I will enjoy it. I wish every actor took their roles so seriously. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the movie!

  13. Eve

    I have not seen it yet! But I would like to! Apparently I have the perfect body for ballet. Like you though I am totally ungraceful…

  14. I really can’t wait to see this!

    My mother gave me the choice of ballet or karate when I was 4 ( it was all our small town had), I chose karate because a girl at school told me they made you wear shoes that hurt your feet in ballet. This is for reason seemed worse to me than being kicked or punched…

  15. I have to say, I didn’t love “Black Swan.” It was beautiful, but it wasn’t as substantive as I expected it to be or hoped it would be.

  16. I caught a glimpse of Natalie (from a 4 man deep crowd) at the Toronto Film Festival….Tiny dancer is right, she looked fab! I have yet to see the movie, but its on the ever-growing list! Like you I’m certainly not blessed with a talent or grace for dancing…..so I’m looking forward to reading your tale tomorrow 😉

  17. This movie looks really good! And I haven’t heard any hype about it, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed!
    Hope you enjoy it!

  18. Zoe

    I’m going to see it tonight! A little bit apprehensive!

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