Fashion Files: Clemence Poesy


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11 responses to “Fashion Files: Clemence Poesy

  1. Rita

    Nice post! I really like clemence, I think she has a real unusual look about her and I like her style too… she is playing Joan of Arc in the upcoming film, looking forward to it!

  2. lovvvvvvvvvvve clemence! xx

  3. Eve

    I love Clemence! She’s amazing! And sooo pretty!

  4. her style is so effortless and gorgeous ❤
    i'm reminded daily when i visit your blog that europeans just rock 🙂
    i can't wait to visit someday soon!

  5. Jules

    i love her girly look! x

  6. Love her skirt in the one of her and Chuck Bass!

  7. Loved her in gossip girl, she’s so chic

  8. Clemence has such a unique look, gorgeous! x

  9. I HEART her. I hated Blair when she “kicked” her out of NY. Oh, how I hated Blair.

  10. Love that girl ever since she was in Harry Potter! great post 🙂

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