Dear Topshop….

…please can you give me the following:

For the first time, this recession business is getting to me.
A positive attitude is difficult when you worship and adore clothes and then realise you have no money for any of the beautiful pieces you see in the new collections.
Yes I know.
But still….


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16 responses to “Dear Topshop….

  1. *sigh*

    I love all your choices! ive actually been coveting that cardigan since i first saw it on the website ❤

  2. I’ll join this group *sigh*, I too am stoney broke and clothes just seem to be at the end of a looooong list of things I require…

    UGH. Recessions suck.

  3. Ohh those items are just beautiful!!! I hear ya on the money. If we all had a million dollars omg the fashion we would have!! =)

    Melanie’s Randomness

  4. I want aaaaaall of those things. Grr.

  5. ‘sigh’ I hear ya on this. I’ve been torturing myself with a list of things I want from ASOS. Loving the mustard and brown bag though.

  6. Jules

    I’m loving topshop this season…! Just a shame I can only buy 2 items of clothing a month…! 😦 x

  7. Ok I NEED that mustard dress and I need it now

  8. my wardrobe is lacking big time lately…BIG TIME!! love the mustardy dress…….is mustardy even a word? :0

  9. you gotta dream Hermz!
    Good choice all. Really like that pale-tangerine (?) midi-length skirt.
    Hello A-Line, oh how we’ve missed you.

  10. Ahhhh! I’m going on a massive Topshop binge soon and I actually can’t wait. It’s going to be the best reward for going through painful exams, even though the reward is from myself, I will make sure to still send me a letter of thanks.

  11. Zoe

    I love the mustard shift dress, great palette of colours here! I only can afford to shop in charity shops nowadays though 😥

  12. OMG they’re fecking amazing!!!

  13. I’m in love with boxy bags at the moment – and those two tone shoes! Too cute.

  14. Today is pay day…today is shopping day 😀

  15. oh my so pretty, now perhaps to rob a bank??

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