The compulsory “Nominations for the IBAs have opened” post

So yeah.
Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards 2011 have opened up.
You can vote HERE.

You don’t have to be Irish or be living in Ireland to vote.
You just need to read Irish blogs.

Despite our efforts, the Fashion and Beauty category was not split into two separate categories.
In fact, this year they’ve been packed into a new Lifestyle category.

Speaking of protest attempts, one interesting addition to the categories is…
Best Outraged Blog Awards Post
Conspiracy theories, cries of corruption and calls for a million blogger march on IBA HQ

Seems like this could be a bit of a two-fingered salute to anyone who has criticised the awards over the past year.
Call them out in public.
Make them own their complaints/observations/civilised queries and potentially face the people they berated if they make it to the awards ceremony.
Evil genius or pettiness?
A number of protests and campaigns were held against the government, etc this year though, so I’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt that it’s these bloggers that the category is aimed at!
I can TOTALLY be diplomatic.
Maybe just this one time though…

I’ll have to dedicate the weekend to deciding who I’ll nominate.
There are the obvious ones (for me anyway) like WR for Humour Blog and maybe Avant Style for Best Newcomer, but other than that I’m stumped.
For starters, I know/read/love WAY too many Irish Fashion Bloggers!!
Blau, Whisty, WWIWT and Glamrocks Girls, Ali, etc….fight it out, bitches!

If you’re contemplating nominating me, well thank you in advance.
I appreciate your faith in me and your loyalty.
Judging from last year’s nominations, I fit into a few different categories, so go with what your heart tells you.
Although it’s probably safe to assume that you can rule out the Irish Language and Political Categories (oh the jokes I make! *wipes tear*).
Also not sure that using everyone else’s photos, while taking the odd TERRIBLE one myself would qualify me for Best Photography Blog.
Oh and if you want to nominate one of my posts, just make sure they were written within the specified time frame.

Take a look through my blogroll for some great Irish Bloggers if you’re wondering who to nominate!



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6 responses to “The compulsory “Nominations for the IBAs have opened” post

  1. Jules

    hmm, I’m tempted to vote BUT as I’ve forgotten most (in fact ALL!) of my Irish Gaelic that I learnt in School (I had to drop some subjects so I could do it as I went to school in England!), I fear that I won’t be able to fill in ALL of the form. But, if I do vote, I’ll be voting for you along with other irish bloggers! 🙂 x

  2. That new category does raise eyebrows a bit doesn’t it? Hmmm…

    I’m having fun deciding who to nominate, but the fashion/style/beauty category is torturing me!!x

  3. Ali

    Ah Hermz, I blush! This time if we’re nominated you’re coming with me. No excuses.

  4. I just voted for your blog, hopefully I’ll make it to the awards this year as they were a lot of fun last year.

  5. Shizzle…
    My name’s there!
    now where are my nunchucks… It’s ON!

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