Glass Number One

It’s Saturday night.
I have a busy week ahead, so I thought I’d throw together some posts now so the blog doesn’t get neglected during the madness.
Beside me is a glass of Chardonnay.
This doesn’t mean a thing to me; I’d just like to sound fancy and knowledgeable to any wine people out there.
But really I just read the label on the bottle.
The fact that it’s white does mean something to me though.
I happen to know for a fact that red tastes more like vomit than white does.
A third of my giant (stolen from a pub) glass is filled with Diet 7UP I found in the back of a cupboard.
I don’t buy Diet anything.
The Boy’s Nanny gave it to him after someone gave it to her when she was in hospital.
Typical Irish Nanny…forcing food and drink on people.

Yup I’m a classy 7UP and random present-wine from the fridge drinker!

I’m drinking alone on a Saturday night for a few reasons:
1. I’m hungry and all I had was a bottle of wine.
2. In attempting to justify drinking alone on a Saturday night, I thought I’d use this opportunity to find out what kind of blog post I’d produce when drunk. This is not that post. I have only had a few mouthfuls and even I’m not that much of a lightweight.
3. I wanted to go out tonight, but am incredibly poor and the group I was going to head out with are going somewhere that would require me to get a taxi there and back, which would cost a lot of euros that I don’t have and even if I didn’t buy any drink, I would still be in debt.

I’m tired of being an adult.
I’m 23.
I should be having sordid drunken sex with strangers and working in a bar…or something.
What exactly do 23-year-olds do these days?

Instead I live with my boyfriend like a grown-up and we’re trying to save up a deposit for a house that will take us about six years to achieve.
I work in a 9-5 job that means I leave the apartment in the dark and come home in the dark.
It’s killing my soul.
This week, I worried about health insurance because my insurance provider (that’s right, I already HAVE health insurance) has upped its prices by 14%.
I’ve been budgeting like a crazy person so we stop spending frivolously on groceries.
I’m menu-planning like a crazy person so that we eat healthily.
I want to start going to the gym because I don’t exercise and I’m putting on weight, but I’m knackered by the time I get home from work and if I added gym time onto the already late time I get home, I’d be eating dinner at 9pm.
You’re not supposed to eat big meals after 6ish.
It makes you fat.

Last week, I sorted out my banking business, such as paying off my loan and increasing my monthly savings.
Right now, I’m telling myself I should be making out a shopping list instead of drinking.

Did I mention I’m TWENTY-THREE!!!???

I know 30+-year-olds who don’t worry about their lives this much.

I love The Boy terribly and obviously, living with him is the one thing on that list I wouldn’t dream of changing.
But I feel it’s ageing me.
We’re planning our lives together.
And it’s right and lovely and makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
But it’ s brutally clear that it’s going to take a lot of growing up very quickly to achieve what we want by the time we want it.
Meanwhile, other people my age are abandoning their jobs to ‘find themselves’ while travelling around the world and getting very drunk.

This recession business is REALLY starting to hit home.
We’re not able to drag our teenage years out into our late-twenties if we want to take a practical approach to our future.
Money can’t be thrown around on the fun things, because jobs aren’t guaranteed and raises and promotions are terribly scarce.
It’s depressing.
And I feel hard done by because I wasn’t a Celtic Tiger baby.
It passed me by.
My family had hardly any money and now I’m starting to look the same.
Other people moan and bitch about it, but at least they had some good rich years.
I’ve never been able to relax with money and it doesn’t look like I’ll get the chance.

And what can we take from this, boys and girls?
Hermia gets really serious and depressing during her first glass of wine.
Bring on No. 2!



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21 responses to “Glass Number One

  1. Hmmmm. Why the rush to buy a house? In fact why buy a house at all? Sounds like you’re putting way too much pressure on yourselves.

    • Because we want our own place and don’t want to be renting forever. We don’t want to start our family in someone else’s house, you know?

      • I guess I’m just trying to challenge “normal” expectations of life in Ireland. It’s only in Ireland that we have this “I need to own my own place” culture. Perfectly acceptable on the continent to rent forever and renting has its advantages too.

        Also, you’re very young to be thinking about all this stuff. You’ll have masses of responsiblities from your 30s onwards. Enjoy your 20s while you can!

        • Ah yeah, it is a very ‘Irish’ thing: we haven’t moved on too far from the times of The Field. Although, in saying that, The Boy’s French family all own their own homes and it’s the same with one of my close friend’s who’s Spanish. Her parents bought an apartment to start out and saved until my friend was in her twenties and bought a house in the suburbs.

          But I don’t want my own house because I feel I have to. I just like the idea of having a home that is mine and his, where we can grow old together and make memories in. I don’t feel like rented accommodation ever truly feels like ‘home’.

          And that’s the point…it’s going to take so long to save up a deposit that if we’re to get our own place before we’re thirty (which we REALLY want) we have to start thinking about it now and definitely have to start saving!

  2. ‘hugs’

    Sounds like you need a whole bunch of hugs.

  3. Jules

    aww herms 😦 *hugs* I know exactly what you mean, budgeting and stuff. Seriously, life sucks at the mo, esp with this recession. I just hope that you can enjoy yourself for a wee bit 🙂 I might be fortunate by living with my parents (therefore have hardly any outgoings per month) , but I’m still saving for a house/flat and can’t take anything for a dime (if you know what I mean)…

    Oh and I also get rather tipsy on a glass of wine ->note that I don’t get tipsy on a vodka & irn bru and a martini & lemonade…. :p x

    cheer up, hun! x

  4. I know it never helps when someone knows how you feel, but I do, I turned 23 at the weekend, I live with my boyfriend and we have weekly conversations about money, and mortgages. I make nearly nothing which never makes you feel great, he’s a few years older than me, earning a more decent wage , but after monthly outgoings (which don’t include splurging, or even going out) we’re both broke. Everything we make is allocated to something with almost nothing left over every month, we don’t live past our means and yet still struggle. There is no savings for a house, not even close yet, and seems savings for a holiday isn’t going to go well either.. Sorry to ramble, totally unecessary, just I feel slightly in the same boat. I want to be a grown up, and love our life together, I wouldn’t change it for the world, money is the root of all problems… great blog, I always enjoy reading.

    • Awh thanks Victoria….it’s nice to find someone in the same boat! I know you can understands that it’s not that I’m not happy with my situation, it’s just the stress of having no money to progress it! And we’re miles away from a deposit for a house too!

      • victoria

        I understand completely, I don’t know if we’ll ever get round to managing to save enough! And our reason for wanting to own is the same reason as yours, a home for our family, which is our home to decorate how we wish, to know is ours for our children to grow up in, and to make memories that will stay forever.
        We’ll get there one day, will just take some time. Good luck with saving!

  5. Great post – glad you let it all out! You speak for a lot of people in this one too. Money makes the world go round but your situation isn’t forever. You’re a brave woman writing whilst intoxicated – dread to think what would be sent into cyberspace if i was to go near a keyboard with a few glasses in me!

  6. after two glasses of wine on Ffiday night my 26yr old self grabbed Aiden Grimshaw by the face and whispered ‘I love you’..true story…he did first kiss my cheek so he brought it upon himself

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  8. Aww hermia! You are a brave woman! Wine & internet! Squeeze in as much fun times as ya can even if its just something small! Life is too short!
    Side Note# Blau’s comment = Hilarious! The joys of being drunk around celebs!!!

  9. Hermia, seriously, reading that was like reading a print-out from my own brain. We’re situation twins, I swear. I was literally sobbing the other day from worrying about everything you mentioned in that post. I wish I was brave enough to blog about it, it might be cathartic. I get really down when I think about all that sort of stuff. UGH. I’m 23 in 16 days. x

  10. You have literally just described my life; those are all the EXACT things that have been bothering/worrying me hugely over the past few weeks. I’m only twenty two and I’m already tied down to a full time job that also requires me leaving and returning in darkness – half my friends are going out all the time and the rest are planning on, as you say, feckin off for several months to ‘find themselves’ and get drunk and have copious amounts of fun. Being an adult is seriously shit sometimes..

  11. Point the first: White wine with 7-up or sparkling water is basically a white wine spritzer, which does sound fancy and is delicious. Also, red wine is definitely an acquired taste. I used to hate it and then one day I tried it again, and loved it.

    Point the second: And I feel you on the grown up thing – at 24 I was married and had just purchased a house. It was a lot of being an adult way to quick.

  12. As I get older, the more and more I live for wine.

    The only downside is the epic hangovers. Hopefully yours wasn’t too bad!

  13. Ooh, I like your blog! Each article makes me want to start ranting (is that a healthy reaction)?

    My two cents on this one are
    a) drink many more glasses of wine
    b) home ownership is overrated. If you saved every month and didn’t put down a deposit, probably when you’re older you could buy a place outright or with much less debt. I’m with alexdonald: home ownership may be the norm in Anglo-Saxon cultures and some others, but it’s not the norm everywhere (did you know that 80% of the Swiss rent)? Anyway, not my business, but if you’re giving yourself wrinkles and feel like you’re throwing away your youth over some walls with a piece of paper attached…. that doesn’t sound like it’s worth it to me.

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