Let me tell you about the time I….fell asleep on a deli floor

I should start this by saying…
Hello Future/Potential/Current Employers,
This is not a habit of mine.
Don’t hold it against me.

Yay, I’m on Glass Number 2 of Wine.
And as the blog is like a fun easy-going job, I started thinking about other times I was drunk while working.
There are two.
They were both accidental.
This one is about the time I was drunk while working in Lentra.

So I was in college.
It was a Saturday night and someone was celebrating their 21st.
The plan was to go out for food and then on to a bar.
I had work at 8am the next morning so I decided I’d go to the meal and then head home.

I’d only started drinking about two months beforehand, so I was still underestimating the power of alcohol.
And also underestimating the power of ice-cream-based cocktails.
After two of those babies, I was easily convinced to come out for one drink.
Which turned into three.
And a broken pint glass.

Not surprisingly, I was then convinced it would be a great idea to go back to a friend’s apartment where the party was continuing.
Sure it’d be NO problem just popping over the work from her place the next morning.
Her place that was on the other side of Dublin.
And took a bus and a tram ride taking 90mins to get to work the next morning.

The Boy (who was still only Boy at this stage) was the only one working with me the next morning.
He was already sorting out the newspapers when I got there.

“HEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO” I shouted at him when I got in there, ruffling his then-gelled hair and proceeded into the staff room where I unsuccessfully attempted to hang my bag and coat up.
Turned out my 2 hours of sleep wasn’t even nearly enough to rid my body of the alcohol I’d consumed.
It took an hour to put the papers together with their magazines as I thought it was hilariously good fun to lie on top of the newspapers, throw the magazines Boy was trying to work with across the shop and continue to stand up and half-fall over.
I think I may have also sorta dismantled a shelf at one point.
Thankfully we never got many customers at that hour on a Sunday morning.

Bless Boy, though; he was so patient.
Although mainly amused, because I was famous for my sobriety and refusal to drink up until this point.

When I retired to the deli to make up mass quantities of sandwich mixes – Chicken and Bacon with Mayo, Chicken with Tikka Mayo, Egg and Mayo and Tuna and Sweetcorn with Mayo – the tiredness was beginning to set in.

When Boy came to check on me a couple of hours later, he found me in a crouched position behind a free-standing storage thingy.
Half an hour later, he had to pull me off the deli floor and tell me it wasn’t the best place to sleep.
I like to think that was the moment he fell in love with me.

Once I’d sobered up, instead of feeling mildly horrified, I was actually just really proud of myself.
Still not sure why.
Maybe it’s because I broke out of my Good Girl persona and became Good Girl Who Can’t Handle Her Drink.
I felt it made me cooler.
College turns people into idiots.


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14 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I….fell asleep on a deli floor

  1. Jules

    haha, that story cheered me up no end on a dreary wednesday morning!

    And, I don’t think I EVER went to work still drunk….!! Hangover yes… but then again everyone where I work do like a few alcoholic drinks.. perhaps it’s the fact that I work in a place that sells alcoholic drinks…?!! x

  2. awww… way to get a guy, turning up to work drunk haha 😀
    i’m not even legal yet, but i think i’ll stay off the drinking when i’m 18 anyway!

  3. You have to be an idiot at some stage x

  4. Gas! Stories like this make me want to try out being drunk just once, to see how much fun I can have…. 🙂

    • It is worth trying it out once and this from someone that didn’t drink ’til they were 20! Even now, I only drink one every 2 or 3 months…it’s fun if you’re sensible, but I wouldn’t do it every week!

  5. Very funny! Brings back memories of my 7 O clock stars in Mace during college – no boy to look after me!! But nothing like a nice ham & cheese croissant & plenty of lucozade to sort me out!! 😉

  6. Haha! One of the best stories. There is something about reading the ones of when The Boy was just Boy. I feel like I’m looking in at you two, knowing what the future holds. Mwahaha… I remember when I changed from Good Girl to Good Girl Who Can’t Handle Her Drink. I was also proud. I think they are important memories to have! : )

    Kate x

  7. Ha! That sounds like me after a single glass of wine. I’m such a lightweight 🙂

  8. kathryn

    haha! That made me laugh a lot. I’m almost certain he would’ve fallen in love with you right at that point 😉 x

  9. Ahahahahaha – c’est brilliance! More posts like this please 😀

  10. Bahahahaha! Rolling around on the papers – oh my goodness does booze make us stupid sometimes…

  11. Great post! I love your blog, it’s so honest and insightful, and completely unique!
    Blogrolled. 🙂

    x Laura

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