Fantabulous Foto Friday

Today on the bus, I sat across a woman who took her shoes off and began scratching between her toes.
Her feet stank.
A few minutes later, she began chewing each and every one of her finger nails while making slurping noises.
She then proceeded to pick dirt from between her teeth with the bitten-off nail pieces.
After that, I watched in horror as she had a good pick of her nose, wiped the discovered treasures on the back of her hand and then sucked them off a little while later.

This is one of the milder experiences I’ve had since deciding to get the bus to and from work instead of the tram to save money.

Here are some modes of transport I’d much rather be taking…


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16 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. HERMIA…..that is so disgusting, gross, revolting……I could go on!!
    Sounds like this woman needs more that just a bath…uuurrrggghhhh!
    How do you put up with it you poor thing……and here I thoughht the bus trips would enlighten me on the beauty of Ireland….not quite what I had in mind lol

  2. Eve

    That is absolutely horrid! Hahaha. I cannot even believe all that is possible of one person! Hahah. Well fantastic pictures none the less. The first is my favorite!

  3. Lord God in heaven people are MANKY. Sorry you had to witness that. :/

  4. That’s horrific, nearly gagging at the thought. Pictures are lovely though!

  5. There’s a reason I avoid public transport most of the time 🙂

  6. mari

    It’s funny, because yours is the only blog I read for the text and not for the pictures.
    and those are some nice pictures (:

  7. I think I just lost my lunch *BOKE*

  8. oh, how i need a car. the pictures make me happy.

  9. OH. DEAR. GOD. HERMIA that is horrific… good ol’dublin bus, how we all love it so, although thankfully i’ve never had quite that experience!

  10. Oh Hermia that is soo disgusting im really shivering thinking about it! On a better note though those pictures are beautiful 🙂 x

  11. i read that twice thinking i’d missed the “hah, just kidding – gotcha!” somewhere in between all the horridness. unfortunately nowhere to be seen :O

  12. Jules

    that woman must be weiiiiiiiiiird!!!

    obvs my fave mode of transport is, urm, walking. but I love those photos! xx

  13. Ouchie ouch.. I thought it happens only in India!!
    I guess after common sense, it’s the civic sense that people lack..

    I am sorry you had to sit n watch the ugly display!!
    Hugs xx

  14. Mank….what really disgusts me is that women could be working in the food service industry…ahhh can you imagine manky lady in behind the deli counter in Lentra! 🙂


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