If I was a rich girl…

…I would be buying everything in Topshop right now.
I’ve always been a shirt ‘n’ blouse kinda girl, but it’s only in recent seasons that shops have given me the variety to make the look more individual.
Not to mention my delight at the recent influx of bow ties!
High street stores like Topshop and Urban Outfitters have been refreshingly creative with their shirt collections, bringing the classic vintage vibes, which is just perfect for someone like me.
Now if only I had the money to take advantage….


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11 responses to “If I was a rich girl…

  1. I hurt in my chest everytime I go past Topshop. I want all their jumpers. I want them so much

  2. oh i feel the same way! i’m a jumpers and cardigan girl. i was in there on saturday and picked up about 6 different jumpers….got to the counter and realised i could actually only afford buying 2. meh.

  3. great minds hermia, I tried two of those on yesterday… wishful thinking on my part too. I can’t afford bus fare, nevermind yummy blouses…x

  4. I buy everything online at topshop.com. Comes to about 10euro cheaper but a wait of 7 days! 😥

  5. I love Topshop. I felt awful spending almost all of my carefully saved money in there the other day, I don’t want to end up the type of person who clearly only shops in one place all the time, but I love it so much! There’s such a great selection of clothes at the moment and that creamy “grandpa shirt” (I think they call it that on the website at least) is currently on my wish lish. I need to get saving again!!

  6. i wish there was a top shop in boston!! nyc isn’t close enough lol

    love the new blog background 🙂

  7. I always feel really intimidated going into Topshop on the Green in Dublin, I don’t know why 😦

  8. Jules

    topshop is amazing at the mo – I’m lucky to even own one of those blouses! x

  9. went ‘clinical wardrobe’ shopping for college..lots of blouses…feel like a ‘grown up’

  10. The only way I can shop in Topshop without breaking my heart, is to:
    1. Know absolutely exactly what the single thing is that I want to buy
    2. Walk in through the door with tunnel vision and grab the nearest sales assistant to ask them where said thing is.
    3. Grab said thing
    4. Gaze at said thing and said thing only as I walk to the cash desk
    5. Pay for said thing and gaze at feet and only feet as I walk to the door.
    Job done.

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