Some points of business

—->First of all, congratulations to everyone who was nominated (or nominated themselves) for the Irish Blog Awards 2011.
The whole process is a nice chance for bloggers to feel good about themselves and be recognised for their hard work and commitment during year.
Oh and for the people who posted, like, three times during the last twelve months to also get a nod.
We’re very inclusive on this wee island.
Ah sure ye gave it a go, well done you!
I’ve really enjoyed the 5million tweets and Facebook status updates from the genuinely excited, and of course, from the people that just wanted to tell the world about how many times they were nominated.
Gotta love the few “Oh my God I’m so shocked that I just have to tell everyone, not because I want more praise and attention, but because I’m too surprised to process this information by myself” fake modesty bits.
Lol sorry, I’m in quite a bitchy, cynical mood this morning.
I’m having a Taylor Swift moment.
Twas just one of those weekends.

Bad mood aside, I was genuinely thrilled to see so many great blogs get recognition and hopefully they’ll do really well in their categories!
Shout out to White Rabbit for her 300 nominations -WELL deserved!

Also it was shocking – and a little terrifying – to see just how many Irish blogs there are out there!
There were so many sites nominated in my own categories that I’d never heard of!!
I’m really not expecting to get as far as I did last year as there’s a much higher standard this time round.
Damn talented, time-having awesome writers.
*shakes fist*

A Chick Named Hermia was nominated in the Best Lifestyle, Best Photo, Best Personal and – to my delight – Best Humour categories.
I’m funny y’all!
*prepares several ‘Knock Knock’ jokes for upcoming posts*
The site also has three posts nominated in the Best Post Category.
*girlish squeal*
Thanks a bazillion to whoever nominated me.
I knew from a couple of readers telling me that I’d get a nomination in at least one category, but I wasn’t expecting so many shout outs.
It’s heart-warming to know there are so many people willing to take the time to fill out those awkward nomination forms out of love for me.
(HATED that ‘Give a Reason’ part…I’m pretty sure I just put ‘Because’ for one of them).
I love and adore my readers tonnes and tonnes.

—–> Second topicย  is directed at everyone who said The Boy was trying to throw me off the scent of a wonderful surprise or would pull through at the last minute.
You guys gave me hope.
And that was cruel.
Because as I knew in my heart when I wrote the last post, he had no plans and there would be no attempts to make things better.
I hate Valentine’s Day.
And cute puppies.
*begins an angry rampage of destroying all Valentine’s Decorations, Presents and Couples*
(I do appreciate everyone’s support though…you guys rock!)

—–> Finally, I forgot to tell you last week that my What I’m Wearing Today video went up on RTE’s Red Radar site.
Please enjoy the painfully awkward moment right at the end, as well as the erratic hand gestures.
(also my face isn’t usually that strange pink colour…I had whore make-up put on me).


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25 responses to “Some points of business

  1. well done my dear…although now that we’re in competition I prob shouldnt be talking to you x

  2. Congrats Missus! You got some well deserved nominations in my opinion! How can you tell how many times you were nominated? I can’t believe I even got on the shortlist! YAY!! Feeling a day of self-love coming on, never mind sodding-waste-of-money Valentines! (am totally on your side with that one!) I got informed I was not getting anything for Valentine’s as we are paying part of our deposit on our new (rented but BEAUTIFUL) house today.


  3. Aww congratulations m’dear! We share some categories so please don’t kick my ass haha

    I’m so excited for Belfast. Fingers crossed for the shortlists

  4. who needs valentine’s day anyway? ๐Ÿ˜›
    for some reason when i read your posts i always narrated them with an aussie accent (a refined one!). i realised my mistake when i saw your video, haha. nice outfit (and accent) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wahey! Congratualtions on another year of well-deserved nominations love! ๐Ÿ™‚ I presume you’ll be trekking to Belfast for the occasion? ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  6. Jules

    congrats herms! and I’ll be watching that clip of you later today…. damn you internet connection!!! x

  7. I think its nice that people took to Twitter/Facebook/Blogs to say they were excited they were nominated! More positivity in our little Isle I say!Even though the list for ‘Lifestyle’ is so long its actually crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ Which definitely makes the case for why it should have been seperated out into a number of different categories… Congrats to everyone nominated xx

    • Lol, told you I was having a cynical day! But I’ve no problem with the people who are genuinely surprised and excited, it’s just the ones who know that are just looking for attention and just want people to think they’re great. The vast majority are good natured though and people are congratulating other people, which is lovely. It’s just self-praising that are irking me. Again, cynical head on me today.

      And yeah, there are SO many entries for that category, it’s just unfair for the people trying to go through in it!

  8. I think its nice seeing how excited people are to be nominated on Twitter etc. I know I was super excited when I heard. Congrats on your nominations, well deserved ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

  9. Ash

    Congrats on your nominations! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think you look great in the video by the way! x

  10. Well done on all the nominations m’lady. Yourself and White Rabbit will take over the world at this rate! x

    • Congrats to you too!!!! You must be chuffed! I love how happy all the bloggers are today…the awards are such a nice confidence boost.

      And dude, stop telling everyone our plan….Queen Rabbit will be incredibly displeased ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Congratulations miss, it’s well deserved!
    No nominations for me but maybe next year! x

  12. Congratulations!!! Well deserved ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, I feel your pain on the whole vague, half hearted hope that The Boy would pull a surprise out of the hat… grrr this stupid made up holiday!

  13. Congratulations on the nominations!!

    Where did you get that pocket-watch necklace? I love it!

  14. Love the maxi look Hermia, well done you & congrats on all your nominations you truly are on a world domination buzz (well Ireland to start!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. congrats on the nomininos! i was shocked too when i saw how many blogs are out there, it really has exploded this year in irish blog land – tis great! no nomination for me this year but what harm says i – im still gona go to belfast for the awards, it’ll be a skit. saw your video too! its mad to see a pic of you and read your blog then hear you SPEAK! lovely outfit. Ive been asked to go up too but i just KNOW id make loads of mistakes and prob run off the set crying!!

  16. congrats on the nominations hermia! Love that the awards are in Belfast too..woo! I didn’t think I was nominated at all/knew that nominations were going on/got no email but my name is on their site list :S not even sure what that means!

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