Conversations with The Boy

The Boy has been painfully unhilarious over the last couple of months, hence the lack of Conversations With The Boy posts.
This one is definitely a drop in his standard.
He has been reprimanded for this and promises to be funnier in future.
He also promises to recreate his Bebo drawing from a hazy memory for this post.

Me: *walking into the kitchen to get breakfast*
The Boy: *in a world of his own tying his shoe laces* *sung to the tune of Cheryl Cole’s Parachute* Baby you’re my parachute, saving me from falls and stuff…

Me: Oh God, I don’t feel well.
The Boy: You want a hug.
Me: Oh God no. If you squeeze me, I might throw up.
The Boy: I’d clean it up for you.
Me: *clutches heart* Awh, you’d clean up my vomit.

After the Sound of Music Opera Special…
The Boy: *switches on some political programme*
Me: No please, I can’t stand more politics. It’s all just terrible!
The Boy: It’s better than those VonCrap children. *chuckles in a pleased-with-himself manner* VonCrap.

Watching some car ad that had scantily-clad ladies…
The Boy: What does this have to do with cars?
Me: Nothing. It’s just selling them with sex. They think porn is cool. *thinks for second* Porn IS cool!



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6 responses to “Conversations with The Boy

  1. and they say romance is dead

  2. Jules

    hehehe!! One liners are so funny!! Von Crap = Von Yeah! 🙂


  3. delighted to see The Boy back in blogland

  4. I missed Conversations with The Boy! Glad to have it back

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