Stealing is wrong, y’all!

As you all know, I’m a little bit obsessed with WR.
The restraining order means I can’t live in the bush outside her house and use my binoculars to stare in the windows anymore, but that has not lessened my love for the dear girl.
She’s my Cyber Soulmate.
*waves at WR from across the street*

You can’t beat a good creepy start to a post.
*satisfied sigh*

I’m not one to keep my mouth shut when something or someone bothers me.
I am a big fan of fairness.
I should’ve been a judge….or a journalist….OH WAIT!

I was introduced to a blog called Just Add Kaleena the other day.
Ah sure, she looks amusing, I thought to myself.
I had a look at her posts.
Oh…and she does Photo of the Day like WR:

Actually WR only posted that same picture the other day.
It had a very similar caption too.
Well that’s….strange.
There’s no link to WR’s blog, so maybe it’s a coincidence?
Or maybe she’s a fan and just did something similar without noticing?

I left her a wee comment asking if she was separated from WR at birth because of their similar sense of humour.
She didn’t respond.
I forgot about it.

Then today I visited her blog and saw this:
Yes that is a comment from me underneath it (with a typo in it, of course) because I remembered seeing this exact same post with a nearly identical caption on WR’s blog ages ago.
I remember it because I found it particularly hilarious being a Posed Picture person:

And it’s one of many that are quite similar to our WR’s Photo of the Day posts.

I just think it’s disgraceful.
I mean I see a lot of bloggers copy little things from other people, such as little phrases or ideas, but never this blatantly!
How does she sleep at night!?
My blog pictures come from my Flickr and Tumblr accounts and while I don’t link the original source directly from this blog (get’s messy), I do link the photos to the original source on Tumblr and Flickr (it’s not hard…they’re nearly all from WeHeartIt).
And while not crediting a picture is one thing, stealing words and entire ideas is another.
I always link posts or blogs that have inspired me.
Hell, I’d no problem linking all of Kaleena’s posts here!
I’m that fair.

So I’ll see if she replies.
Maybe it’s a huge misunderstanding.
Somehow, I doubt that….

EDIT 1: WR has told me she’ll retract the restraining order for the Irish Blog Awards in March…YAY *practices hair stroking techniques*

EDIT 2: And the blog in question appear to have been removed….did someone report her, because there really wasn’t any need for that.

EDIT 3: Kaleena has sent WR an apology for using her posts without crediting her. Nobody seems to have reported her (thank God….dramatic much if someone had!?) and she may be making it a private blog now which is why the link seems to be gone, but I’m not sure of the details yet.

EDIT 4 A Word from The Rabbit: Kaleena and I have had a little chat and she apologised for the whole situation. She seems like a nice person and I don’t think she meant any harm. She has made her blog private but I hope she brings it back because aside from the situation, I actually enjoyed reading it.

EDIT 5: (I’m starting to feel like Old Skool Hyperbole and a Half with all these ‘edits’) Kaleena’s blog is back to normal and she’s taken down the stolen material that was highlighted here…I still saw a few WR posts left though. Also there’s no sign of the post she said she’d do on her blog letting her readers know what she’s did and attributing the work to WR.


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39 responses to “Stealing is wrong, y’all!

  1. WEIRD. Totally robbed from White Rabbit! Not cool AT ALL. Also, that line at the start of her newest post “I’m not exactly sure who ‘they’ are but I suppose it’s the same ‘they’ who say BBQing without pants on is unacceptable”. I know I’ve read that exact line somewhere only a few days ago. I can’t remember if it’s one of WR’s turns of phrase though but given this Kaleena bird’s love of ripping her off then it may well be. Grrr says I.

  2. I think that it’s freaky. Like she wants to be someone else so she copies them. So childish. It’s better to be yourself sometimes.

    And sometimes If I find pictures on google (mostly of celebs) then I don’t tag them. The rest of the pics I get are from weheartit (great site!!) and I do tag them in small letters…. IT DOESN’T TAKE A MINUTE TO TAG SOMEONE… jesus wept, as my dad would say!


  3. OMGeesies, that is the most blatant RIP off I’ve ever seen!! The first pictures captions Kaleena didn’t even bother to reorganise the numbering, and the second one speaks for itself!! I’m speechless (obviously not really, but I kinda feel I should be)

    I use pictures and don’t always credit them apart from saying they’re from weheartit, but I’d NEVER blatantly copy entire posts, how silly!! I think WR should make a complaint!

  4. Ohhhh dear, someone’s been named and shamed…

    Ooh and thanks for commenting on my Valentines post, sometimes I go a bit overboard on “issue” posts. I’m so used to hearing my single friends moaning about Vday that I thought I’d try and convince them it isn’t the be all and end all… 🙂

    • Ha ha, no you were right about how some people go OTT on the day. Some relationship people make single people feel like freaks destined to die alone, which is just plain mean. I never saw it as a ‘couples’ day though (because I was the sad ugly girl that boys never looked at until I was about 17)…it was always a nice ‘love day’!

  5. Thats just horrible. Theres nothing worse than putting work into your post only for someone else to blatantly rob it and fob it off as their own. I once had a site take a number of my pieces, word for word, and publish them as their own. I notified wordpress and the ‘blog’ is no longer about from what I can see…

  6. Cli

    This is AWFUL 😮

    Like, I can understand people not being skilled with the internet (it’s a scary place sometimes) but you know, it’s fairly easy to add “courtesy of whoever” beside something you’ve quoted or taken a piccie from. The dorty plagiarist.

  7. THANK YOU HERMIA!!!!! I noticed this too, a few days ago, and THEN i went on WR’s blog and left an anonymous comment alerting her to the plagiaristic danger… the problem was I did it anonymously, so I didn’t come over as a snitchy bitch, but then I realized when I read over the comment I’d just written that it sounded like kaleena herself had written it… and then WR wrote back with a very sweet ‘don’t worry kaleena… as long as you credit…etc’ so she obviously thought the anonymous commenter WAS kaleena…. Dammit. that was not my intention. I felt like a fool. If you happen to chat to her about the incident then do let her know that..!

    Anywho, NOT COOL NOT COOL. It really bugged me, WR is one of my favourite favourite blogs and it wasn’t even SUBTLE thieving. Goddamn.

    • Lol, I hate when comments get all mixed up like that! You were completely right to let WR know thought. More people should draw attention to this kind of thing, because it happens more than people seem to realise. Obviously you can’t attribute every little thing, but the obvious things like these Photo of the Bay posts should be linked. Bloggers seem to think they’re pulling the wool over people’s eyes and that the original sources won’t notice their phrases or ideas have been used.

  8. I personally think we should all ambush her and let WR inflict maximum amounts of pain. I’d also love to inform all her readers about how she is stealing someone else’s work. See how she’d like that. Anyway WR is ten times cooler.

  9. Georgie – Oh God I SO didn’t pick up on that. I’m sorry! Thank you for alerting me to it! You are not a fool. You are only sweet for doing it.

    So I’ve sent Ms Kaleena an email and explained my licence which allows you to re-distribute my text so long as it is credited so she can understand that I know what is going on. I might not have the most original style and yeah, I’m not the only person who has a Photo of the Day feature but its still a bit uncomfortable knowing that someone else is passing my mindwords off as theirs. 😦

  10. Ms Hermia – Bless you for having my back. I can count on you if a fight breaks on at the Blog Awards haha

    Everybody here – Thank you for your support! It means an awful lot to me. I suppose I should be chuffed that someone likes what I write but the best thing to do is to credit someone if you are going to use the same material. As I’ve said, I emailed her telling her about my licences etc so hopefully she knocks it on the head

  11. this whole situation sucks!! I found a blog that had the exact same layout as someone else (which they had a designer do) once and I felt so awful having to let them know. I hope this gets resolved!!!

  12. Hermz the vigilante!
    What would we do without you!?!
    As much as I would love to compare the remaining posts from the links posted in the comments, I shan’t.
    I believe you and my fellow readers of your blog. More to the point I don’t want to give this boo-hiss plagiarist any further blog traffic!!

  13. Hear hear, Hermia!!! I love WR but I would never blatently steal her words (I have however sent her blog around my office as a cheerer upper!). I hope this gets sorted soon and fair play Hermia for catching that! x

  14. it is a crying shame that so many bloggers do actually rip off other bloges…I’ve even seen a few Single White Bloggers attempt to be you x

  15. Kate

    Wow.,, look at you on your high soap box. Once you get down and face reality, blogging is lame. Get a life you stupid Bitch.

  16. Kate

    oh, honey. if you can’t tell the difference between reading a blog and writing one; i feel bad for you (tear).

  17. Is it just me or is gone? It keeps saying blog not found now when I try to go on it… Think you may have won the battle Hermia!

  18. Kaleena and I have had a little chat and she apologised for the whole situation. She seems like a nice person and I don’t think she meant any harm. She has made her blog private but I hope she brings it back because aside from the situation, I actually enjoyed reading it.

  19. Who the fuck is Kate? Why would you bother going to all the effort of coming onto a blog, reading it, and then commenting if you think ‘blogging is lame’? Get a life yourself, honey, don’t sit there planning your next oh-so-witty attack.

  20. Kate

    uh oh! did i strike a nerve there, Karin?

  21. Ahahahaha this Kate girl is such a trool, I hope you’re getting amusement from her comments Hermia, because I sure as hell am!
    Also thank you for the little comment on my blog, I gave a little squeal when I saw it there haha (yes I’m aware I have a sad life..) And it amused me because I felt myself getting angry about your doctors visit too. €60 is an absolutely ridiculous price to pay for a 3 minute consultation, but then again this is Ireland so I guess it makes perfect sense. Hope all is calm now 😉

    • Lol, no worries…I always try to say hello to the people who go to the trouble of leaving a comment here!

      And I know, she’s hilarious…just as long as she doesn’t get too nasty, she can hang around here!

  22. Good detective work there Hermia….another Rip Off blog hits the dust! Entertaining comments also….. 🙂

  23. Hey Hermia, lovely. Theres some horrible comment on here, whats that all about?? If blogging is lame, why read and comment on blogs?? And copying other blogs aint big and aint clever. Fair enough, be inspired by others posts but outright copying is outrageous!!

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