Fantabulous Foto Friday

It’s almost the weekend!!
*insert many more exclamation marks*

Once again, I’m on target with posting every day from Monday to Friday …shocker!
This means I’ll actually have a nice relaxing weekend that won’t be punctuated with “OMG what am I going to WRITE!!!??? Why is my life SO BORING!!!?” as I stare at a blank laptop screen and try to hit my ‘five posts a week’ target.

I’m booking my train ticket for the Irish Blog Awards today.
I’m actually ridiculously excited about the event!
It’s not just about being nominated or winning awards – it’s about meeting up with all the lovely Irish bloggers we’ve met this year.
Only three weeks to go…YAY!


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21 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. that second pic with the polka dot tights has actually reminded me that I’ve got some polka dot tights in my draw that I haven’t worn. Yet.

    have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Love what they’re wearing in the first pic!
    Have a fab weekend 🙂
    Lady Peach

  3. *girlish squeal* So effin excited.

  4. hope you have a great time at the awards! 😀

  5. I’m so sad that I can’t go this year 😦 but have a great time and bring back lots of photos

  6. Zoe

    I wish i was going to the awards! I’d love to meet some irish bloggers. Ah well. x

  7. Love these pictures and your home page. This is my first visit and really like what you are doing here. Very best of luck.

  8. i adore the pics!! and i’m so happy you are going to the awards! good luck, i’m crossing my fingers

  9. Love these pics, so free and chic!

  10. Fair play on the everyday blogging! Love these photos x

  11. oh congrats on the shortlisting! i hope you’s enjoy belfast!

  12. p.s have tickets gone on sale yet, I’m hoping to go!

    • Well I haven’t made the shortlist yet (I’ve only been nominated), but regardless of what happens, I’ll be in Belfast on the night, if only for the craic!
      I don’t think the tickets are on sale, but you can apply for tickets through the Irish Blog Awards page and they’ll throw you an email when they’re available!

  13. Enjoy the weekend my dear, well deserved after your 5 posts! Go Hermia 😉

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