Conversations with People Who Aren’t The Boy

…just in case you guys were starting to think I had no other friends.

In the office…
Me: I’m going to the shop, do you want anything?
Work Friend: Oh yes can you get me one of those chocolate muffins with the stuff on top.
Me: Like the one I got you the last time with the weird icing stuff?
Work Friend: No, no, no, there are like, little cubes of chocolate…
Me: Oh I know the ones you’re talking about. We used to sell them in the shop I worked in. I used to rob the little chocolate cubes off them.
Work Friend: *look of shock*
Me: What?
Work Friend: Oh my God!
Me: What? It’s not like I licked them off. We used to freeze the boxes of muffins and then defrost what we needed as we needed them, so when I’d be getting some out for the pastry stand, I used to shake the box and eat the chocolate cubes that fell off.
Work Friend: *still looking shocked*
Me: Stop judging me! It’s not like I was gnawing them off with my spitty teeth! They fell off naturally…with a bit of help…and I always made sure there were a decent amount still left on the muffins.
Work Friend:*look of judgement*
Me: I wore gloves when I handled them!! I couldn’t afford chocolate back then, I was a poor student! Stop looking at me like that!!!
Work Friend: *JUDGE*


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20 responses to “Conversations with People Who Aren’t The Boy

  1. hahahaha!! I love chocolate muffins. I also stand guilty when I work in the kiosk in the summer. Hmm am thinking of doing it again this year so I can afford to go to Edinburgh…!! hehe! xx

  2. i’ve never head of muffins with chocolate cubes on them! they sound yummy 😀

  3. How many muffin-topping bits have customers been denied by this?! It probably numbers in the thousands. Why isn’t this on the news?! Muffingate is the scandal of our generation!!!

  4. I do not judge you in your efforts to get more chocolate into your system. I would go to great (possibly spitty) lengths to do the same.

    No judgement here 🙂

  5. TheSaucyCow

    Don’t be ashamed. Every one of us would have done the same.

  6. I would totally do that too without any questions asked.

  7. I’m with you on this one Hermia

  8. theboywhofoundfear

    That person mustn’t really like chocolate that much…. What you did is definitely a completely understandable practice. No judgement round here!

  9. Didn’t realise you had convos with people not called The Boy. And your amusing talk of chocolate muffins has encouraged me to get off my ass and go get some chocolate cake. Omnomnom.

    Kate x

  10. Ahahah I love this. You know your work colleague could just be making judgements because you were getting hysterical about defending yourself as opposed to stealing chocolate cubes, right? Either way, it made for great reading. 🙂

  11. I have chocolate chip muffins… not quite the same but the chocolate’s still there… Omnomnom lovely.

  12. I used to steal the pick n mix sweets right out of the boxes when I worked in Super Valu… absolutely no judgment to be found here 😉

  13. I want one of these muffins! Name by any chance?

  14. No judgement from me either Hermia, I also used to nibble on a few treats when I worked in my local newsagent…..I called it quality control 😉

  15. Eve

    I have never heard of chocolate cube muffins! I’m soooo curious now! heheh. Poor thing. I’m sure you stole the chocolate bits in a very pleasing and nice way! I’ll bet the customers never even noticed they were missing!

  16. I would have done the same thing to the chocolate muffins. It’s not like you were chewing the top bits off, you were just checking for quality control and making sure all the bits of chocolate that remained on the muffins were stuck on there well enough. 🙂

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