Even though buying brand new clothes is currently out of the question, I don’t see why my budget can’t stretch to a couple of accessories to jazz up my old outfits…

All from Topshop


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11 responses to “Compromise

  1. I am in love with these!! And it does sound like a good idea, even though I need a few basic items of clothing..

  2. …. and that’s the reason why I haven’t banned accessory shopping this month…!! xx

  3. Eve

    That is a perfect compromise! That bag is lovely!

  4. That bad on the top left shall be mine! x

  5. I got that lady bird hair band 🙂

  6. Ah the compromise. Should make you feel good… doesn’t really do it like it should.
    Still these pieces are pretty darn smashing, i’ll take the ring!

  7. Too right…accessories is yer only man when jazzing up the wardrobe. I love the sunglasses & the ring

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