Lazy Posting

Sorry, sorry, sorry, but you guys know I very rarely do this!
I was just a bit short on time these last few days and didn’t get a chance to write a proper post for today.
Do accept my apologies and I promise to do better tomorrow.
Now please enjoy this editorial I loved from Vogue Russia’s March issue.
I’m a sucker for courtroom dramas…


Filed under Fashion, Photography

7 responses to “Lazy Posting

  1. gorgeous! I love the coat in the 3rd picture!!
    & don’t worry, we all have busy days (trust me!)

  2. Oh but, Oh but!
    That dress (third pick with wheelchair)!
    Yes please.

  3. This is gorgeous – I love editorials with a sense of humour!

  4. Fab outfits picks & congrats once again on reaching the finals

  5. I actually like the last photo, the tape effect. I think that’s really cool. I’ve never seen something like that before.

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