The Tale of Three Prawns

Were you guys aware of how scarce decent prawn cartoons are on the internet?
Well neither was I until I started searching for one today.
Why was I searching for prawn cartoons, I hear you ask.
Well because this post encouraged this blogger to demand a post on prawns:
So here I am.
Writing a post about prawns.
And their weird staring eyes that just won’t let you eat in peace.
All that judgement from one little crustacian.
They actually upset me.

I was in Pamplona a few years ago visiting a friend of mine and in one of the eateries we, you know, ate in, I ordered the seafood paella.
When in Spain and all that.
The ordering was left to my Spanish friend to avoid any confusion with the waiters and she specifically asked for there to be no prawns on the dish.
When it was put in front of me, there were three giant prawns looking at me.
She offered to ask them to get me my actual prawn-free order, but I said there was no need.
I could eat around them, right?
They sat there on top of the lovely rice.
Just looking at me.
No matter what angle I put them or me at, their gaze followed me.
I tried hiding them under the rice, but it was no good.
I knew they were there.
Maybe they could see me through tiny gaps in the rice.

Sensing my very real pain, my Spanish friend being the guapa that she is took them from me and ate them herself.
But I couldn’t really enjoy the dish after it.
Their little eyes haunted me.

So there you go, Dave – the wonderous co-worker who I still doubt actually works in my office and instead just stumbled across our Christmas party – there’s your prawn post.
You’ve dredged up the traumatic memories.
I hope you’re happy.


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16 responses to “The Tale of Three Prawns

  1. my boyfriend told me once that prawns are the underwater equivilant of woodlouse or something. I have serious difficulties with prawns now 😦

    Prawn Phobia Anonymous

  2. I actually like prawns! The eye-staring doesn’t scare me one bit, the bit that scares me the most is removing the, urm, poo line before eating it…..!

    great post btw! x

  3. same as Jules, its the poo pipe that gives me the willies… but i spent summers in portugal as a kid so prawns are just a way of life. and common as muck! love the post

  4. You’re better off just not thinking about it, it works for me. I’ve only ever eaten them a handful of times, and I actually like the taste, but dear god once I start havng thoughts about wriggling and legs and eyes …. urgh.

  5. Eugh hate prawns. My mate eats little pots of them for breakfast. Their texture is just god awful!

  6. I really dislike prawns..but I liked this post

  7. Absolutely hate prawns, so disgusting. The colour, texture, everything about them. I tried to like them but I just couldn’t, urgh, makes me sick even thinking about them.

  8. I exist… the prawn story proves it 😉

  9. ahaha, i will never be able to look at a prawn seriously again 😀
    i’ve never really been a fan of them though, the eyes don’t freak me out, i just don’t like the taste. they’re even fishier smelling than fish sometimes :C

  10. Ha! Prawns freak me out, too. Actually… all seafood does…

  11. So, so creepy. Their little eyes just weird me out. And they also just don’t look like something that should be eaten.

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