Packing Wars

I’m finding myself really easily distracted this week.
When I’ve a lot of things happening – especially things taking me away from my home – I find it really tough to concentrate on anything too taxing, which happens to include blogging.
I’ve a lot happening from now until Mid-April and my mind is constantly switching from one thing to the other, trying not to forget anything.
It kicks off this weekend with the Irish Blog Awards up in Belfast.
And yes I know I’ve been unusually quiet about them this year, but I’ll address that issue when I get some time next week.
I have my train ticket and event ticket, but I can’t bring myself to muster the energy required to buy sterling.
Damn you, UK….why couldn’t you switch to the Euro like everyone else!?
Yes our 1c coins may be tiny and pointless, but at least our coins look difference and non of them are the size of a ROCK.
I’m looking at you £1 Coin.
*shakes fist*

Also, I’m putting off planning what I’m going to pack.
I’m REALLY bad at packing.
And I mean REALLY.
I can’t bear to be too far away from a lot of my possessions and I’m very much a ‘What If’ packer –IE: What if it’s unseasonably warm, what if my hair gets frizzy, what if there’s a flood, etc.
Just for planning for hair alone I have to pack my heated rollers, GHD and hair-dryer, plus a paddle brush and medium barrel brush…and hair serum.
All of that for a two-day trip, during which I won’t be washing my hair.
That’s all just damage control.

Then there’s the outfit for the awards, which needs to stay un-wrinkled, so a suit bag will be robbed from The Boy.
This will include a separate jacket to the one I’ll be wearing during the day.
Speaking of which, what are y’all wearing to the IBAs?

Also needing to be packed are a change of clothes, sleeping attire and a gift for the lovely people who are putting me up for the night.
Oh and my Nikon D-SLR.
Oh and…..don’t worry, I’ll think of some other things.
I’m mental, seriously.
The Boy finds going on holiday with me very stressful during the packing process.

Thankfully, I have St Patrick’s Day** off from work to deal with this packing madness.
And then next week it will start all over again as I plan my packing for a weekend in Paris.

**That’s right, American Readers, PATRICK’S Day.
Paddy’s Day will also do.
Not Patty’s Day.
Patty is a GIRL’S name.
You’re insulting out Patron Saint when you call the day that.
Wise Up.


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15 responses to “Packing Wars

  1. It DOES MY HEAD IN when American’s call it St. Patty’s Day!!

  2. 1. I think Euro all looks the same actually! It’s all the same kind of colour and shape. You know where you stand with a big 50p coin so ya do 😀

    2. Anything you need, we will probably have so worst comes to worst, you can use our heated stuff, irons etc

    3. I’m debating between the black version of the yellow dress you saw me in the other day and a black lacy dress I meant to bring to Paris last year but forgot and haven’t had a chance to wear yet. Hmm. Might decide later in the week

    4. Patty’s Day pisses me off too. Although, I do appreciate the effort they go to . Dying rivers green? That’s impressive!

    • Eh the Liffey is green aaaaaaall year round…now there’s dedication 😛

      And both those dresses sound lovely! Take pics of you wearing both and see which one photographs better…that’s how I usually decide in situations like this.

  3. oh god stop, im the same. i often wonder, what the HELL would i do if i got stuck somewhere without my essentials….id be SCREWED!! my industrial strength hairdryer to straighten the life outta my SHITE fine curls, my moisturiser, my serum…the list goes on. jeez, come to think of it, how shallow am i? 😦 havent a clue what to wear to the awards, dressy or dressy casual.

  4. I agree about the sterling/euro hahaha!! Im the exact same when it comes to packing . I bring EVERYTHING. Its ridiculous. Then when you arrive at said destination you always manage to still forget something!

  5. I’ve become an expert packer! I travel a lot for work and like you, like to pack for all eventualities, so I had to develop this skill over time… Excess baggage charges are a thing of the past!!!

  6. i know about sterling/euro thing, so annoying!!! And yeah I hate packing too, I sometimes end on packing too much…!!


  7. SJ

    FYI .. Post office are doing commission free exchange on sterling and dollars at the momento .. got £120 for €100 on friday .. very good apparently!

    I always pack too much .. and yet always forget something and am upset. Its a skill I need to learn .. MetroChica are you giving lessons??

  8. Ugh I HATE when Americans call it Patty’s Day. It bugs the living bejaysus out of me. But anyway, enjoy the awards!

  9. The thoughts of packing for two or more months away from home during the summer makes me break into a cold sweat… I feel your pain

  10. I’m a packing a ninja..I’ll pack for you x

  11. Gosh it reminds me of when I went to china, I almost packed everything I own, then when i was going home I had barely any room for all the new stuff i bought and had to buy a new suitcase!

  12. Eve

    Hahahha I love the little tie in to last year St. Patrick’s Day post at the end. Hahah. Good luck with all of that packing!
    I know what you mean, my mind hasn’t been on blogging either.


  13. I am the worst “what-if” packer too. That and I really like to have options because I know once I get somewhere I’ll inevitably wish I’d packed that one shirt I threw out of the suitcase at the last minute.

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