Fantabulous Foto Friday

April Fools Day.
My least favourite day of the year.
Made even worse by the fact that I work in media monitoring so I’m spending my day questioning whether news and discussions are real or a piss-take.
You’d be surprised at how hard it is to tell the difference…lot of rubbish out there in Radioland.

The main reason I don’t like it is because it’s the day before my birthday.
Which meant I spent my whole life listening to the same jokes on the day.

As a kid it was  “No it’s not your birthday tomorrow….APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!” as family members tried to convince me there was a mistake with my birth certificate.

As I got older it became…
“Oh I forgot it was your birthday tomorrow….APRIL FOOLS!!!!”
“Oh I didn’t get you anything…APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!”
“But I thought you wanted a pencil/spoon/pea for your birthday……APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You get the idea.

Anyway, it IS my birthday tomorrow, so thoughts of a brilliant weekend will get me though this.
The Boy has promised me a Pancake-Cake for breakfast tomorrow and has also vowed to refer to me as Princess Hermia for the whole weekend…which he probably won’t do, but I can dream!
He’s also told me there’s a mystery trip to look forward to so high-fives all round!

And then on Monday, the madness begins…


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18 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! 🙂

  2. love the record store photo!

    and I hate april fools day, too!

    oh and happy birthday for tomorrow!! hope u have a great day/weekend! xx

  3. Happy birthday in advance!

  4. A pancake-cake sounds amazing!!

    Hope you’ve a great weekend! 😀

  5. hey ! Its my birthday tomorrow aswell!!!! what a coincidence ! Happy Birthday in advance!!

  6. Been craving pancakes all week! Been trying to resist but I’m going to take the fact that you’ve mentioned them and a guy in work mentioned them today as a sign that i should have some.
    Happy birthday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. I also hate April fool’s. There was honey and jam on door handles in our uni halls today… -.-

    As for pancake-cake and being a princess: sounds like a pretty awesome birthday!

    I hope it’s fabulous and wonderful and fabulous some more! : )

    Kate x

  8. aw happy birthday hermia, hope you have a lovely day & weekend 🙂

  9. burpingbutterfly

    Pancake cakes huh? Could it get any more perfect? 🙂
    Have a fantastic birthday!!

  10. Happy Birthday lovely x

  11. With you on Aprils Fool very annoying! Happy Birthday for tomorrow, sounds like a great weekend x

  12. Getting a spoon for your birthday… what a terrible April Fool’s. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the day either. And I HATE media April Fools! They drive me bananas.

  13. There were sooo many fake news stories floating around, its really irritating. The Metro Herald claims its making edible newspapers as of next week… delish

  14. I hope you had a wonderful bdy darling dearest x

  15. Happy belated birthday!!

  16. Loving the colour change m’dear

  17. ahh! can’t believe i missed this 😦
    happy (late) birthday!

  18. Belated (very belated) Birthday dear Hermia. Hope you enjoyed it. xx

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