Man, all of our sinks are broken

I took my first trip to Ikea at the weekend.
I’d like to think of it as the day my life truly began.


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13 responses to “Man, all of our sinks are broken

  1. It’s AMAZING! I was there on Friday buying a bookcase and I wanted to live there forever

  2. Well…apart from the whole getting lost thing

  3. I LOVE IKEA – sorry for shouting but I get really excited every time I head up to the store. So much fun stuff, so little money

  4. Never been – would love to go. Almost had a heart attack the last time I unexpectedly drove past it, I was so excited. This is the effect that IKEA has had!

    • hahaha – she aint jokin – I was in the car with her and I nearly swirved off the road such was her screams of gleeeee! love the pic of the cat at the end…cozy out!

  5. I still haven’t been!! But it sounds amazing, I really like the second picture! looks so funny!

  6. I like to do the ikea shuffle, I do… (well, all you do is SHUFFLE at my local one….!) haven’t been to ikea in two years’, though…


  7. ikea is heaven 🙂
    i’m not sure if they do this everywhere but i love how after you’re finished with all your purchases, they have that place that sells you 50 cent cones and $1 hot dogs. sounds a bit dodgy, but after spending hours fawning over their products i’m starved 😛

  8. Their ads are pure brilliance. As is that 500 Days of Summer quote!
    Never been to Ikea, just decided to go! x

  9. Ohhh I love Ikea! I spent 8hrs there about three weeks ago & the food ain’t bad either seen as we had brekkie, lunch & dins there! 🙂

  10. My love for Ikea is limitless. Seriously. I just wish the closet one to me wasn’t two hours away.

  11. heehee skeletons should be so lucky

  12. YAY!!!!!!! ikea trips! hope you didn’t spend days in there…. although it’s very easy to!

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