So our ‘Moving into our New Home’ plans have been put on hold.
It seems the amazing house wasn’t so amazing after all.
And came fully equipped with interesting features such as a urine-stained bath (with chips in the enamel), a washing machine that smelled of mould and sewage when opened and a leaking oil tank that was turning the soil in the back garden to black mulch.

We weren’t completely clueless about the house. We knew there were a couple of problems, but we were willing to deal with them ourselves and we had high hopes for the place.
And then we realised that these few problems were only the tip of the icebergs.
She managed to keep all these things (and others) hidden from us until we signed the lease.
And handed over the first month’s rent.
And a deposit.

Thankfully The Boy went all French on her ass after she left and we realised just how many things were wrong and he got all our money back.
All Hail The Boy!

So now we’re sitting here waiting for our current landlord to get back to us, because we’re technically homeless as of Sunday.


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17 responses to “U-turns

  1. TheSaucyCow

    Fair play to The Boy 😀 But oh no 😦 I was excited FOR you! Moving in sounds so much fun. But it’s better to leave it and wait for the perfect place than end up someplace awful. Best of luck with the home hunting! 🙂 xxx

  2. Shite! What a bitch!!

    *hugs* and best of luck, hun!


  3. Aww no that sucks!!! I’m having similar problems with my new place, lovely how landlords seem to stop answering the phone and emails as quickly as they had been once they have all their money! BUT, what’s for you won’t pass you- I’m sure you’ll find somewhere 10000 x more awesome soon 🙂

  4. Argh!!! What a nightmare! Poor you! Best of luck with your landlord…

  5. awh..the right place is just around the corner x

  6. Oh balls. You poor thing. Still, you’re waaaay better off not moving into a house with a swamp for a backyard. And you got your deposit and rent back, thank God. You’ll find your perfect home!

  7. bloomin hell! all hail the boy for showing the estate agent the hi-ho and getting your money back! but seriously good luck for finding a new pad for Sunday – you’ll find something! 🙂


  8. Oh my god ! the place sounds horrific! and I thought our apartment was bad with the dodgy shower, hot one minute cold the next lol.

  9. eeek! thats shit! we’re having problems with damp in our place, been at the landlord for 3 months about it now. My lovely boy snapped last week, told the landlord I have bad asthma (lies) and he’ll be getting my doctors bills if it isn’t sorted. We have a builder coming out this week.
    Boys are the best. good luck finding a new place!

  10. Flip! Hope you have somewhere to sleep by Sunday. =/ Cardboard boxes at the ready!.. I hope not! Good luck!

    Kate x

  11. Oh no that sucks! Fair play to The Boy for getting your money back tho – thank god for that! Hope it all gets sorted out soon and you find a place!

  12. Awh no thats sucks! On the upside at least you found out now & the Boy managed to get it all sorted…..Fingers crossed you find somewhere x

  13. Oh no! Sorry it didn’t work out and what a nasty woman for trying to hind all that from you. Cheers to the Boy for getting it worked out – so glad you got your money back.

  14. Yikes Hermia!! Hope everything works out for ye and you find a lovely house to live in soon!! Ye were lucky to get your money back!x

  15. aww.. that’s not nice at all 😦
    but i felt smug for you when you said the boy got your rent back 😛
    p.s. i know it’s not friday, but i loved all the pictures you included in this post!

  16. The Boy saves the day!!! Kicking butt and taking names French style!

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