Food Lust

I’ve spent the morning looking at hundreds of macaron recipes.
They look like tough little feckers to make, but I can’t afford to satisfy my cravings at Ladurée anymore ever.

Haven’t made desserts in a while so I may spend the next week warming up with simpler recipes like Panna Cotta.
I’m sure The Boy won’t complain about the sudden influx of pastries and pies as I practice!

Wonder if I’ll ever master my all-time favourites, Rose Macarons….

PS: I know of some job openings right now in Dublin for people who speak English and a second language!
It really is a great company to work for and if I was even remotely capable of speaking another language, I’d be all over it!
Mention in a comment here if you’re interested or email me if you’re worried about privacy (email on Contact page).


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16 responses to “Food Lust

  1. now making macarons is all I can think of!

  2. The Saucy Cow

    *drooling on keyboard*

  3. oooh yummy!! Those look fantastic… i’ve actually always wondered what they were called so i could attempt to find a recipe… hehe

    And… i would love to know more information on the job you know of. My husband speaks fluent English and Polish, and a bit of some other languages, although not fluent in them.

    hope you got your home back! homelessness would be no bueno.

  4. SJ

    were you watching masterchef last night……..?

  5. Hehee. That’s what made me write a book on macarons, since eating macarons from the Paris pâtisseries started to get expensive 😉
    Believe me, if I can make them anyone can. On top of it, it’s fun to make, you can get a real kick out of the ruffled foot forming in the oven (you’ll see what I mean) and eating them is just, well, can’t say it online.

  6. Tastiness right there.

  7. These look delicious. I love baking. I’ve never attempted macaroons, must do so for the next occasion.

  8. mmm macaroons! I do believe that lorraine pascal made some the other week on her tv show, they look easy enough!


  9. Thanks for sharing that link! I poked around the recipes and now I’ve developed a bit of a drooling problem…I really wish I had more time for cooking delicious things in the evenings!

  10. I’d love to learn how to make them – they really are super-delicious. Panna cotta is delicious too. Getting a serious craving for desserts now…

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