Let Me Tell You About the Time I… was freaked out in La Senza

You guys should look forward to some more entertaining guest posts next week, but to round this first week off nicely, we have the amazing Karin from Karin’s World

Normally I don’t bother with La Senza – I actually think their stuff is a bit over-hyped and priced for the quality of it. But this was after Christmas so there was a sale on, and we all get a bit mad when bargains are to be found.

So there I was, wandering through rows and rows of bras, minding my own business, when I happened upon the bargain bucket. Basically, it was full of a mish mash of various underwear all thrown in, most of it down to like a euro or something. I wasn’t particularly interested, until I noticed a guy, about mid forties, rooting through it. Guys don’t really beling in La Senza unless they are:
A –
with their girlfriend
B –
buying expensive negligie for a girlfriend and pretending like they know what size their other half is and that they know a good bra when they see one
or C – admitting defeat, keeping the head down, and just heading straight for the counter to buy a gift card.

So clearly, this man was partaking in none of said activites. Even if a guy is just browsing for a gift, he should not be finding it in the euro bucket. Basically, this dude had no business eagerly rooting through women’s discounted underwear.

I was a bit bemused, and slightly curious, so I hung around that end of the shop just in case he would do something that would enlighten me as to what the was up to.

And then, a girl – about fifteen, I would guesstimate – appeared next to him. And he handed her several pairs of underwear.

Let me stress this point. The man in his mid forties handed the young teenage girl several pairs of cheap knickers.

One of two things must be happening here. Either this man is a creepy ass pervert who must be removed from society immediately, or this is his daughter. I really hoped that it was his daughter, until I realised this would be almost as bad – can you imagine your dad picking out your underwear at fifteen?!

Turns out it was the latter, as I did actually hear her call him dad. Which leads me on to the next and clearly most important question: why in the HELL would you go into a sexy underwear shop with your father in the first place?!

To be honest, I was kind of staring by this point (wouldn’t you?!) which the poor girl seemed to cop, as she mumbled something to her dad and shuffled around in that uncomfortable way you do when you are clearing praying for a huge hole to appear in the ground that you can jump into.

Her dad was mortifyingly unfazed by this, and continued to yap on about pairs on pants that he thought were nice! (eww eww EWW) but the poor girl had obviously decided enough was enough; a couple of other people were kind of watching the situation now. Without waiting for further conversation with her totally embarrassing Dad, she legged it for the door, and he wandered along after her, having a good look at everything else as he went.

So there you go… the lesson is, don’t buy pants with your dad!!


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14 responses to “Let Me Tell You About the Time I… was freaked out in La Senza

  1. great story! I’ve never bought underwear with me dad around, just SO creepy!


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  3. omg that sounds so weird.. got me thinking whether he could be a child molester!

  4. Ok, i have two stories:

    1. I was shopping the other day and a mother and daughter were buying underwear… with who I can only assume was teenage son/brother.

    Was way weird.

    2. I was in La Senza once buying swimming stuff. (I think I had just been let go from a job, drowning sorrows etc.) Here’s how it went:

    Cheery girl behind the counter: Ooh, you off on holidays?
    Me: Yep.
    Cheery girl: Ooh, anywhere nice?
    Me: Actually no, i’m not going on holidays.
    Cheery girl: Ooh riiiggghhhhtttttt.

    Cue awkward stares. The worst part was I don’t know why I said it! I think I just didn’t expect follow up questions.

  5. gil

    Ah god my poor dad gets mortified even hanging out mine and my sisters washing! He nearly died of shock when he saw the first black lacy pair cross the washing machine threshold and now it’s a case of once it’s washed and dried with the rest, the pile is left there for us to sort through! THATS how parents should be! That is seriously creepy!

  6. Ummmm this is beyond strange. Brain cannot compute. I thik my dad would rather chew his own arm off than take me underwear shopping. Een is I were 15.

  7. Seriously disturbing…but hilarious!

  8. I don’t know, It just occurred to me that her mother might be dead or ill maybe she didn’t have sisters or something to help her. I just feel a bit sorry for her, I remember when I was about 12 my mom was away and having to buy tampons with my dad and being so mortified.

  9. That is probably my worst (and I am sure every girls) nightmare…poor thing…I found you via Tinkerbelle86. 🙂 Great post!

  10. that is… creepy and wince-worthy. poor girl!

  11. One word – MORTO!

    You’ve been tagged for an award over at Magatha May too.


  12. oh my god…..nope…..thats just too creepy now altogether……or or or……maybe her dad isnt with her mum anymore and he wanted to buy his new ladyfriend some sexy briefs and asked his daughter to potter along with him to help him out? maybe thats the case!

  13. Oh my goodness!!! That is hysterically awful and hilarious! Awesome post girl! I have Tinkerbelle 86 so thank for leading me to this post… good stuff! 🙂

  14. Creeeeeeeeeepy. Last thing I would EVER do with my father is shop for underwear. My dad still sees me as his little darling and the thought that I even wear anything other than thermals and a babygro make him spiral into a depression. What was that girl THINKING?!

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