My Narnia

Today’s guest post is by Sinead from Her Style Diaries

Everyone has a happy place. Some of mine are capones down the road that sell the nicest homemade chips and pizza, in any boutique/vintage store, sharing  a blanket on the couch with the boy, online, blogging and shopping , in my car,  watching jersy shore, but my secret little happy place is, my wardrobe.

Is that shallow?

Ah well shallow it is then….

This is where i start my day off and end my day.
I have been able to make one of our  two bedrooms  upstairs in our small country style house a walk in wardobe with all of my prized possessions like shoes hats jewellery clothes and bags .
The other room is made into our office which is another nice little place to be blogging and sorting bills grrrr

I wanted our bedroom downstairs just to be a place where we sleep and relax and zone out so that only has a bed in it with some lockers and one small wardrobe for the boy and a small tv, its all natural colours and is very calming indeed. It has a beautiful veiw of the sea and the clare mouthains and  we can even see the cliffs of mor on a really good day from our bed.

The upstairs room/wardrobe has an actual walk in wardrobe that lets say, hobits would love, but thats because its a country style house and has all the little nooks and crannys around the place with storing in the walls ect so the wardrobe room is a bit slooped but it hangs all my dresses and jumpsuits on two bars. It has a light. It boasts hooks for all my headbands and hats and all my necklaces. All my shoes live in here aswell but im hoping for more shelves so i can take them out of their boxes and up on to a well deserved throne.

All my bags hang of the back of the door and and i can see each and everyone of them..
love that, cas im guilty of forgetting what i own as im sure most of us are, so i like to see what i got so i can mix them up and play around, some are in baskets waiting for their day out which could be soon now…cheer!

I come here to paint my nails and use the varnish remover because the boy starts choking and having a breathing problem as soon as he smells it…. get over it like…  its not that bad…   sigh

My makeup station is this room. Everything i need to beautify myself not that it would take much … aha ahem : )
Everything i own is in this room. Besides all my winter stuff well most of it , cas you just never know do ya?)
This room is heaven to me –  i love being in it and feel very at ease that everything is at hands reach.
A double bed rests over at the wall. Lovely for reading or blogging. My gym gear lays on here and i do try not to ignore that!
Missy also lays here alot on her leopard print blanket.

Its a great little place. I can sing up there , dance stupidly, dance naked! walk around naked , very liberating, blog, read,  try on millions of different outfits, take hours to get ready just because i can, i can hide stuff up there like stuff that has those silly tags on them that really cost an arm and a leg but obviously only cost a fiver!!!   cough cough

So in all honesty i do spend alot of time in this ridicuosly small room that holds probably everything i own fashion/beauty related but….

So thank you thank you thank you to neils sister elisa for moving out into her beautiful new home next door and letting me take over narnia for  the forseable future!
It realy does make me stupidly happy that i have this place ….

I love it here… its like    ….  a shrine   ….. to …     well me!

Everyone has a happy place,  so what’s yours?


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5 responses to “My Narnia

  1. I love how you have a walk-in closet! My happy place is in my bedroom, I can whatever I like in there! 🙂

  2. I think I want to live in your house. Is that ok? I WANT A WALK IN WARDROBE. Balls. I have similar problem with the boy when I paint my nails, he absolutely hates the smell of it! I dont do it in the other room either, he can suffer through it, its not that bad!

  3. i know the reation is hilarious when he see,s me walking over to the couch with the bottle you,d swear i had a knife in my hand! lol
    men…. such ejits …. ha ha

  4. Sounds like heaven….I’ll keep dreaming, someday Emma someday 😉

  5. I miss you….your blog is my happy place! Blau x

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