Checking In

God, I miss blogging.
And talking about myself.
And actually having a reason to write.
But most of all, I miss YOU LOT!

It’s been tough getting through the last few weeks without your support and encouragement.
Thankfully some of you offer it up to snappy moans on Facebook  and Twitter, and even better, some of you have become parts of ‘real’ life and offer it in person.
But I still miss the interaction here.

Unfortunately I still don’t have internet at home, so I’m not actually back.
Instead, I’m sitting at a computer in the office an hour after I finished trying to get my fix.
My internet provider – UPC – are…well I can’t say, because I’m trying to be dignified and ladylike, a la Audrey or Grace.
When really I feel like pulling a Bette and going postal.
They’re screwing me over basically.
Charging me for a service they ARE NOT PROVIDING and then charging me a colossal fee for cancelling my contract with them BECAUSE they are not providing me with the service I’m paying for.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be moving out of that hell-hole-of-a-house-I-now-live-in in the next couple of weeks and will get my internet from a company that will actually let me have it.
Also, it now occurs to me that most of you have NO idea what I’m referring to my current residence as “that hell-hole-of-a-house-I-now-live-in” because I haven’t been able to tell you ALL THE HORRORS I’VE ENDURED.
Yes, I know I was swooning about the place a few months ago, but that was before I became a lonely old spinster and had to fend for myself.
Here’s a fun fact: lonely old spinsters are ABUSED by the world.

I will tell you tales of evil landlords, vile housemates, dirt-encrusted abodes and other such horros.
But not in this post.
Because it’s already quite long and I have to ease you back into this labour of love that is called “Putting Aside An Hour Of My Day To Read Hermia’s Posts”.

Do you know what’s strange? Actually being called Hermia in real life. Seriously…it’s bizarre…but lovely…but bizarre.

So I’ll end this and will begin another post and you’ll have at least two posts to keep you company over the next 2 weeks.

A bientot!


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22 responses to “Checking In

  1. Delighted you’re back but even happier that you’re in good spirits. We all missed you! x

  2. God, don’t get me started on internet providers… Don’t go with Meteor next time, worse than UPC, if that’s even possible!

    Very glad you’re back in the wonderful land of Blog.

  3. Hey “Hermia”. Good to have you back again, even if it is just to check in.
    Now listen here lady…
    1. You are not an old spinter! You cannot qualify as one for at least another decade of so.
    2. Your dream “designer” apartment/house/penthouse is around the corner.
    3. Dirt encrsuted abodes are there to remind us how much better we are than all that.
    4. You are stuck with Hermia I’m afraid chicko!
    5. Get ready for the good times! They are near. I can feel/smell/taste it 🙂
    Missed you girl x

  4. 6. I hate this avatar! There, I said it…

  5. I hated my avatar too! It was this browyn splodge and it looked a bit like a giant poo, not gonna lie. Now it’s all much nicer. I appear to have a monocle. Excellent (:

  6. ciara

    woo hoo! new post YAH! sorry for calling you Hermia…:D


  7. hi i swear the internet companies are all crooks, we have had nothing but trouble since we signed with Wimax! It was working great for awhile and we were paying supposedly for “unlimited internet” which we found out turned out to be limited and we got warnings saying we had exceeded our limit. Then we moved apartments and they told us they don’t cover that area and we need to pay another 100 euro to get an outside box my god it never ends. I would be very careful if you decide to pick wimax

  8. Eve

    I’ve missed you!!!!!! I hope you get your internet back soon! Mean old internet providers……..
    Can’t wait to hear about your trials and tribulations!


  9. I have missed you. I truly have! I hope everything is better?
    I hate my internet provider, too. It’s weird how they’re all the same even when we live in two very different countries!

  10. sinead rural

    Catherine….. I miss you .. I always come here to check up on your life.. I can’t wait to hear about the “horror of the house” ha ha

  11. Tossers is my new favorite word. Thanks to you. 😉

    How’ve you been? Found a new house? You haven’t been tweeting!

    Forgive these questions. It’s just, you know, this comment is 5 days late… 🙂

  12. just started following your blog, can’t wait to see more – literally nodded in agreement while reading your toilet paper post, hah..

  13. I’m excited! 🙂 Not about the horrors you’ve endured, but to read your writing again.

  14. UPC was the biggest pain in my ass for so long. Eircom is worse though! Glad you’re back 🙂

  15. herms!! Somehow I missed your post! Glad you’re still in good spirits even though your internet supplier is a bit shite. I can’t wait for more Hermia ramblings, I’ve missed them!! 😦

    julia @ retro jules

  16. Jax

    I’ve been reading your blog since I accidentally stumbled across it when googling around for something else last September. I don’t blog myself so I’m not really part of the blogging world, but I keep coming back to yours – it’s so good 🙂 We’re the same age and both from Dublin, so we’ve probably walked past each other at some stage! I recently checked back and saw you’re going through a tough time at the moment. I hope things start looking up soon – I’ve no doubt they will.

  17. Terri

    Where did your other blog go?!!?!?!? It’s protected now? I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and this is not okay!

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