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Fantabulous Foto Friday

It’s actually been a while since I’ve done this.
No real reason.
I think I just forgot it existed after my wee break before Christmas.
Memory of a fish, me.
No theme for today…I’m in the mood for anarchy…



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Fabulous Foto Friday

It’s a little bit heartbreaking that the Harry Potter saga is coming to an end.
I mean yeah, if you’re HP reader like myself, of course you already know how it ends, but when I finished that terrible “We’re in the future now” ending-ending, I didn’t feel completely like it was over because there were still a few films left.

But now, denial isn’t a possibility.
Soon there were be nothing left, and just like the Friends and Buffy franchises, I’ll have to make do with reruns.

But anyway, this post isn’t about Harry Potter, it’s about Emma Watson.
How great did she look at yesterday’s premiere?
It’s madness how much she’s grown up!
You look and Dan-Rad and Rupert and they really don’t seem to have aged that much, but Miss Watson is a goddamn woman!

And I must give her snaps for her courageous hairstyling efforts (Clueless fans will be all over that sentence!).
It was such a brave move, but she’s working it *snap snap*

And as if she couldn’t make me love her anymore, she did a fab spread of the December issue of Vogue!

Hurrah for Emma Watson!


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Fantabulous Foto Fridays (On Saturday)

I haven’t bought one yet (although I do have faux fur stole), but I’m a little obsessed with the faux fur jacket craze of this season.
I’m just loving the cool, devil-may-care vibe a person gives off when wearing one (obviously when combined with the right outfit/hair/accessories).
It also makes me want to buy some fake cigarettes from the Joke Shop, so I can complete the oozing-of-cool look if I decide to invest in a coat.
Smoking is gross, smelly and disease-causing, but it looks so feckin’ cool in pictures.
But no one should actually smoke…ever.
Down with Cancer.
And also down with faux fur bags….they look like creepy dead animals…



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Fantabulous Foto Friday

The highlight of my two week’s break from blogging was easily The Boy’s birthday.
If you remember, he got his main present back in August when I got him a weekend in Manchester to see the first Man U match of the season.
Even though it was the best present EVER, I felt bad that it had to be given to him the month before his birthday, because everyone should have stuff to open on the day!
I decided to buy him a small present (Jason Statham boxset -his hero) so he wouldn’t feel like I wasn’t properly acknowledging the day itself, but it still didn’t seem enough.
And then it hit me.

I decorated the apartment while he was out the night before his birthday: banners, noise makers (that didn’t make noise in the end), football candles, cards all put up, fun centre pieces, GIANT chocolate fudge cake. There were also 50 balloons, plus a number of helium balloons, all of which I packed into the hall so it’d hit him as soon as he came in the door.

Twas amazing!
And it was also amazing to come home to an apartment filled with balloons everyday!

I’m thinking of making it a permanent feature…


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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Nothing to write today.
I need to save my words for a specific thing.
It’d be nice if people didn’t keep me waiting though.
With great power comes great responsibility.
And basic human compassion would also be nice.
PS: This is turning into a horrific week. Included on the list of things I’ve lost in the last few days is this amazing apartment I found in the city centre where I work.
It had a spiral staircase.
Someone else got there first.
Damn them.


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Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Competition Result

It’s days like this that I wish blogging was a paying day job.
I had to turn down a really fun fashion challenge by a great Irish magazine because it clashed with my real world job.
I’m annoyed.
*shakes fist*

My only consolation is that I have money to buy my Autumn wardrobe!

Speaking of having stuff (sorta), I shall now announce the winner of the competition!!!!!!
*drum roll*
And the winner is………
Emma from Elle of the Ball!!!!!!!
(send me on your info, Dearie!)
And to everyone who didn’t win, you can still get yourselves those lovely chains from West129.

Now have some pictures in honour of the lovely fashion fun I could have been having at a shoot on Monday….


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Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Tooth Update

I know you’re all desperate to know how my tooth is, cos you’re all lovely and care about me and my welfare.
The tooth is pure evil.
And punishing me for all the wrongs in the world.

Also, do you know what’s crap?
The feckin’ stuff goes EVERYWHERE in my mouth except for the sore tooth area!
My tongue is completely numb, but the tooth is still throbbing.
It’s rather unpleasant.

I did have a nice distraction from the agony after work yesterday when I reunioned (that’s a word) with my old friend James.
Old in the sense that I’ve known him for a fair few years.
And old in the sense that he’s ANCIENT!
(that’s one of those private jokes that none of you will get but he will if he reads this)

Anyway, I spent many hours laughing at pointless things such as an old lady who was running laps with a running club in Trinity College.
We called her Joan of Arc the Triomph…or something like that.
She mightn’t have been a winner in the race, but she was a winner in our hearts.
Love you, Joan, my home girl!
We also have plans to try out Yo Sushi in Dundrum….japanese food on conveyor belts….I can’t WAIT!

Then when I got home, The Boy provided me with some welcome tea and comfort, so all in all, my soul felt a little better when I woke up this morning.

Unlike my tooth.

Today’s Foto Theme is shoes’n’socks (‘is’ sounds wrong, but I’m fairly certain ‘are’ IS wrong)…


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