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Food Lust

I’ve spent the morning looking at hundreds of macaron recipes.
They look like tough little feckers to make, but I can’t afford to satisfy my cravings at Ladurée anymore ever.

Haven’t made desserts in a while so I may spend the next week warming up with simpler recipes like Panna Cotta.
I’m sure The Boy won’t complain about the sudden influx of pastries and pies as I practice!

Wonder if I’ll ever master my all-time favourites, Rose Macarons….

PS: I know of some job openings right now in Dublin for people who speak English and a second language!
It really is a great company to work for and if I was even remotely capable of speaking another language, I’d be all over it!
Mention in a comment here if you’re interested or email me if you’re worried about privacy (email on Contact page).



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The Tale of Three Prawns

Were you guys aware of how scarce decent prawn cartoons are on the internet?
Well neither was I until I started searching for one today.
Why was I searching for prawn cartoons, I hear you ask.
Well because this post encouraged this blogger to demand a post on prawns:
So here I am.
Writing a post about prawns.
And their weird staring eyes that just won’t let you eat in peace.
All that judgement from one little crustacian.
They actually upset me.

I was in Pamplona a few years ago visiting a friend of mine and in one of the eateries we, you know, ate in, I ordered the seafood paella.
When in Spain and all that.
The ordering was left to my Spanish friend to avoid any confusion with the waiters and she specifically asked for there to be no prawns on the dish.
When it was put in front of me, there were three giant prawns looking at me.
She offered to ask them to get me my actual prawn-free order, but I said there was no need.
I could eat around them, right?
They sat there on top of the lovely rice.
Just looking at me.
No matter what angle I put them or me at, their gaze followed me.
I tried hiding them under the rice, but it was no good.
I knew they were there.
Maybe they could see me through tiny gaps in the rice.

Sensing my very real pain, my Spanish friend being the guapa that she is took them from me and ate them herself.
But I couldn’t really enjoy the dish after it.
Their little eyes haunted me.

So there you go, Dave – the wonderous co-worker who I still doubt actually works in my office and instead just stumbled across our Christmas party – there’s your prawn post.
You’ve dredged up the traumatic memories.
I hope you’re happy.


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Fantabulous Foto…

For this week only, seeing as the Irish Blog Awards announcement took over Friday’s slot!
Plus prepare yourselves for three days of posts inspired by my spontaneous Solo Drinking on Saturday night!
What’s on my mind today?
Roll on, Paris….I’ve missed you terribly…


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Loud, loutish lover, treat her kindly…

This morning I baked a Caramel Croissant Pudding for breakfast and had it with whipped cream.
That’s the kind of week I’m having.
The kind that requires that level of comfort food that early in the day.
Thankfully I have the whole week off work.
And I’m also going to give myself a break from blogging just to give me some space to recoup.
I’ll be back next week, but in the meantime you can amuse yourselves with my guest post over on Blaubushka.



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Lazy Days


I’ve had a lovely sleepy weekend.
The snow and ice appeared on Friday night, which meant that I wasn’t even going to consider leaving the apartment.
I feel a little frustrated at the moment, because it seems as though there isn’t a single time of year that I can relax!
I love autumn and winter, but in the last few years autumn has been overly warm and humid and the winter has brought nothing but ice for me to fall on (I have no balance).
Summer and Spring have been dreary and humid and suffocating.
Damn global warming.
I’m leaving Ireland for another climate.

But it hasn’t ruined my weekend!
We put up our Christmas tree and decorated the apartment on Friday night, settled down with a pizza and some goodies and watched the Toy Show (this is a show that happens at the end of November in Ireland and pretty much kicks off the Christmas season for us!).
An amazing job by Ryan Tubridy and his team made it the best show since Gay Byrne retired 10/11 years ago.

We watched Christmas movies, like Home Alone and Elf, drank tea and ate tummy-hugging food all weekend and I now feel thoroughly relaxed and ready for the week ahead.
How strange to hear me say that!

Now please enjoy these Jacob Sadrak portraits of Hanne Bruning…


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Cooking up a storm

The other day I found out that I’m A Celebrity harpie Gillian McKeith is the same age as Nigella Lawson.
Nigella Goddess Lawson.
The two are only a few months apart with McKeith turning 51 back in September and Nigella hitting it in January.

Isn’t it just shocking!?

And I think people around the world cheered when they found out.
McKeith,who promotes the vegan lifestyle, opting to live on aduki beans and miso soup, is tired, wrinkled and sad looking with bad skin and a bad attitude.
Nigella, who lives on chocolate and carbs, urging us all to use fatty everything in whatever we make, is beautiful with great skin, great hair and wonderfully curvy finger and is not unlike a sexy dose of sunshine!

If ever I needed validation that my shirking from all things healthy is right thing to do, this is it!

I bought the Nigella Express book after work today after watching some Youtube videos of her last night.
She gets me.
I never appreciated how fantastic she is until I had a full time job that saw me getting home in darkness and then had to cook for myself and The Boy after 90mins on the bus!
She’s my Queen!

I’ve just whipped up a batch of a cheater’s homemade chocolate croissants (see Twitter feed) and now I’m boiling macaroni for a tummy-hugging Mac&Cheese dinner for myself and The Boy who has had a pretty horrendous day in work and is currently heading home on the tram, most probably looking like a sulky teenager.

I love you Nigella!
I’m so delighted to be spicing things up in the kitchen!

Wish me luck!


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My New Addiction

I’ve been dying a slow and painful death over the last few weeks.
I’ve had no energy, I’ve been constantly yawning and basic movements have just been beyond me!
Eventually a light bulb clicked on above my head and I had a major Duh! moment.
Low iron.
Of course.
Sure it’s only the one thing that ALWAYS causes me to feel like crap -why would I have thought of it!

So off I went to get my usual bottle of iron juice and kick this anaemia thing in the ass after work yesterday.
I found myself in an aisle surrounded by prettily-coloured bottles, all of which were telling me I needed them to live.
I’m a sucker for fads.
I get swept up in a whirlwind of I MUST HAVE THIS and due to my need to throw myself whole-heartedly into every project I undertake, I always go overboard.

Yesterday’s project was Make Hermia Healthy.
Improve your immune system?
You don’t have to ask me twice!
Healthy joints?
Well my knees have felt a little creaky recently…
Improve you nervous system?
Well I don’t know if I….no wait…what if it happens because I don’t have these!!!!

I was a little enthusiastic…

But I didn’t want to be one of those people that lives on supplements, so off I went to Tesco to build up a nice fruit collection.
Getting up early to make breakfast smoothies seemed like a GREAT idea…last night.

So up I got ten minutes earlier than usual this morning (how precious are mere minutes at that time of day?) and I grumpily trudged to the kitchen to make myself and The Boy smoothies.
I even bought him a little flask so I could just throw him the smoothie mix as he was running out the door.

Out came the smoothie-blender-machine.
Hmmmm what’s that stain?
And that stain?
And that weird black thing?
Turns out The Boy is the WORST dish-washer in the WORLD and had left dried smoothie stuck to random parts of the mixer jug, which had subsequently started breeding mould farms.
And so I spent 15mins cleaning it.
Making me late from work.

Eventually – and not without lots of shouting and WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!??? thrown The Boy’s way – the lovely healthy smoothies were made.
And so began my breakfast…
10ml of Iron Juice ….to boost my red blood cell count and un-zombify me
1 Vitamin C tablet ….to boost my immune system
2 Evening Primrose Tablets ….to make me less crazy and hormonal
1 B-Vitamins tablet ….something to do with the nervous system….and skin….and cell making….or something
1 Cod Liver Oil tablet….oil the joints and make skin/hair/nails not crap
1 Ginseng tablet….energy production/making/creation
1 glass of smoothie….contains yoghurt, honey, apple juice, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, blackberries, banana

As you can see, I’m taking a lot of tablets and they may all react terribly with each other and kill me or even give me leprosy, but I feel very smug right now about my health kick, so I’ll take the chance!
I’m making my body invincible!!!

This will probably be abandoned by Sunday….

The smoothie doesn't look too nice there because I'd drank most of it by the time I thought to take the picture, but trust me, it was yummy!!


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