If you have any questions or want a chat or have found the meaning of life or just want to drop me a “Hey, how are you!?”, then please do.

I really love hearing from you guys!!!!

Email me at ….



You should know that I ignore comments and emails asking me to look at your blog or put you in my blogroll or ‘swap links’. It’s rude to email a blogger whose blog you obviously don’t read and don’t bother commenting on and expect them to pimp out your link.

However, you should know that if you leave a legitimate and relevant comment on my blog, I will visit your blog and if you’ve posted about something I know about or have an opinion on, I will leave a comment.

The only people that I put in my blogroll are those who have built up a relationship with me and my blog through commenting and emailing and whose blog I think is worth recommending!

Don’t worry though, if you’re a new blogger looking for tips or feedback, then do email me and I’ll help you out as much as I can!

16 responses to “Contact

  1. brassmonki

    Hey, I was hoping we could swap blogrolls if your interested, it means a few more hits each 🙂

  2. grrr eveytime I try to go into your catagories so I can read some old blogs it brings me into the 20 somethings bloggers link…I have tried and now I give up 😦

  3. Hi Emma …the category bit seems to be working now! Sorry about that!

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  5. hello!
    love your idea…if you have a moment take a peek at my blog! hope you’re enjoying the weekend 🙂

  6. Agatha

    im confused..=(, you’re chick named hermia AND charlotte? WOAH, i always thought it was two separate people haha

  7. Sasha


    I’ve been following your blog for a while now but i’ve never commented before becuase I don’t personally have a blog and wasn’t sure what the protocal was. Anyways since you’re encouraging comments I would just like to say that I find you blog inspirational. I love the pictures you post and am always amused by what you write. I would like the thank you for brightening my day on many occasions. 😀


  8. Hope you dont mind that I added you to my ‘Blogs that make me smile’ roll. Really love this blog 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!


  9. Judi Smith

    My sisters and I are going to sing “Two Silhouettes on the Shade” for our neice’s wedding in June. Thanks to you, we have the first two verses but you stopped there and we really need the third and last verse. Do you perhaps have it and can send it along to me? We would deeply appreciate it. Thank you, Judi

  10. Love your blog from the little I have seen….looking forward to exploring it!
    Regards from Cape Town, South Africa

  11. carolkong

    yeah i love your blog and writing~

  12. Hi there,

    Love your pretty site (because I love pretty things too!) I’m new to this exciting world of blogging and your site has opened my eyes to the possibilities!!! Thank you – I will enjoy reading your blogs while sipping my Vodka!

  13. Ally

    Hi! I’ve just sent you a email. Could you please inform me if you’ve received it? The spam filter is dangerous! 🙂
    Cheers, Ally

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