Well obviously I’ve written a few wee things for this website *cough*
I’ve also contributed to a number of other blogs and sites such as…
(unfortunately my ‘womens issues’ articles were removed when the site became a Beauty site over a year ago)
The Licentiate
My Teacups in Peony
(for the rest, see sidebar…g’wan…scroll, ye lazy beggars!)

I’m also starting to do some work for tRTE’s new Red Radar site, so fingers crossed for me, Folks!

As far as print media is concerned, I started off at Dublin City University’s College View…
…where I worked my way up to Arts Editor and even had my own much-loved column in that paper (and by ‘much-loved’ I mean ‘controversial’ and ‘enemy-making’)…no PDF copies of those at the moment I’m afraid though!

After college, I managed to get some writing experience in Dyflin Media, where I contributed to Confetti Bridal. The toughest lesson I learned there was that your name isn’t always put on your work… *sigh*

While I was there, I also got to contribute to House and Home magazine…

…as well as Prudence magazine. When I finished my internship at Dyflin, I spent some time freelancing at the The Irish Daily Mail.
Unfortuntately you’ll have to wait until I’ve saved enough pennies for a scanner before you see the articles from those publications….
Ah the life of a Recesionista!

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  1. ted and shelly

    your hot

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