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So our ‘Moving into our New Home’ plans have been put on hold.
It seems the amazing house wasn’t so amazing after all.
And came fully equipped with interesting features such as a urine-stained bath (with chips in the enamel), a washing machine that smelled of mould and sewage when opened and a leaking oil tank that was turning the soil in the back garden to black mulch.

We weren’t completely clueless about the house. We knew there were a couple of problems, but we were willing to deal with them ourselves and we had high hopes for the place.
And then we realised that these few problems were only the tip of the icebergs.
She managed to keep all these things (and others) hidden from us until we signed the lease.
And handed over the first month’s rent.
And a deposit.

Thankfully The Boy went all French on her ass after she left and we realised just how many things were wrong and he got all our money back.
All Hail The Boy!

So now we’re sitting here waiting for our current landlord to get back to us, because we’re technically homeless as of Sunday.



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Fantabulous Foto Friday

First of all, I’m REALLY sorry for neglecting all you lovely people who have left comments on the blog over the last week.
I pride myself on visiting your blogs when you comment and also returning those comments, so I’m a little angry with myself right now.
It wouldn’t be a proper Chick Named Hermia post if I wasn’t over-dramatic.
*begins the self-flogging and hand-wringing*

Anyway, with being up in Belfast last weekend for the IBAs, viewing potential houses every evening and The Boy’s granny being in hospital, time has been scarce.
Actually thank you so much for all the well-wishing tweets and texts for his granny…she’s making nothing short of a miraculous recovery right now, so fingers crossed she keeps going in that direction.
I’m heading to Paris for the next few days to visit The Boy’s French granny, who is also sick right now so I’ll be MIA until next Tuesday.
And then I’ll be busy preparing for the big move into mine and The Boy’s first (rented) house.
Three bedrooms and a big garden: we won’t know what to do with ourselves!
I’m really excited!
When we moved into our apartment, it was perfectly decorated so we never got to do anything to make it really feel like home.
This new place looks like it belongs in the seventies though, so we’ll be shopping for paint and carpet and all sorts of home-making goodies.
I’m desperately in need of a creative project.
Plus, The Boy has bestowed one of the bedrooms on me so I can have my own little office.
*excited squeal*
This is in return for me allowing us to get a few sports channels.
Sweet compromise.

We haven’t signed anything yet, so hopefully nothing mental happens between now and next weekend when we had over the deposit that makes the landlady stop loving us…and by ‘us’, I mean The Boy…


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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Nothing to write today.
I need to save my words for a specific thing.
It’d be nice if people didn’t keep me waiting though.
With great power comes great responsibility.
And basic human compassion would also be nice.
PS: This is turning into a horrific week. Included on the list of things I’ve lost in the last few days is this amazing apartment I found in the city centre where I work.
It had a spiral staircase.
Someone else got there first.
Damn them.


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I look at you and take a picture with my hands

Please keep looking for a home for my poor kitties!!
Even if you can’t take them, you still have parents and grandparents and siblings and friends and aunts and uncles that you can hound!!!!!

Yes that white blob on the building IS a person....

I was a little down at the prospect of having to give up my lovely teenage cats yesterday, so I decided to take my mind off it by hanging out with My Boys (pronounced Maaa Booooys).
One of them was being lame and didn’t show up, but the lovely Isaac and not-so-lovely Stephen entertained me for the evening.

Isaac surpised me with a “Hey so I live in an apartment now” when I met up with him.
Me: “Wait, you moved out of home!?”
Isaac: “Yeah, didn’t I tell you?”
Me: “NO! Why didn’t I know this?”
Isaac: “Oh well me and Kevin decided not to actually tell people and just drop it into conversations…”

These are the kind of people I’ve to deal with.

So we headed to Temple Bar (the cooooolest area in Dublin) to check out his new Criiiib!
Twas quite lovely.
The two guys built a giant blackboard for their kitchen which I am SO planning to steal!
*insert evil laugh here*

Then we took a trip to the roof.
Yes the roof.
And no, it’s not a nice roof top gathering area.
It’s just the roof.
And Isaac and Stephen decided to run around, climbing onto different roofs and scaling walls (see picture on the right).

I stayed on the safe roof, since I was wearing a mini dress and pretty shoes.
Next time, I’m bringing my climbing shoes.
Note to self: Buy Climbing Shoes

Tis nice to know I now have somewhere to hang out that’s a 10min walk from my work place!

And if you think THAT was strange and cool and random, well after that we headed to Isaac’s laser lab where he’s building his Doomsday device (people should avoid a certain Dublin City college, btw) and played with lasers.
And by “played with lasers”, I mean, Nerdy Isaac demonstrated safe laser usage while we stood there looking awesome is space-worthy laser goggles!

Frickin’ Sweet.


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The Long-Anticipated Return…

….well I’ve been anticipating it anyway!!!

Yes it’s finally happened: our apartment has finally had broadband bestowed upon it! Oh the sweetness in being able to come home, switch on my laptop and be connected to the world! It’s true: you don’t know how much you love something until it’s gone!

Internet …I love you.

There, I said it.

So a quick catch-up is most definitely in store:

Myself and The Boy have been living in our lovely, poo-smellingĀ (more on that later) apartment for about six weeks now. It’s been easier than I expected in most ways …obviously there were the “Stop leaving the toilet seat up” and theĀ “Stop telling me to clean my dishes” and the “Do you have to put your hand down your pants when we’re having a conversation” and the “Do we have to watch another Chick Flick” arguments, but all in all, we’ve adapted to co-habiting quite well!

In fact, weĀ found it was so amazing that we decided tp start a family!!!

That’s right …we felt we were made for parenthood!

So now we’re the proud parents of a little girl and boy …..tiny, beautiful, playful kittens!

They’re so sweet! Well, they were terrified and cowering for a few days of living with us, but now that they’ve gotten used to use, they’re full of life!

However, they’re still getting used to things, and until they do, we’ve to keep a keen eye on them …and keep their litter tray in the sittingroom-kitchen area ….where I’m now sitting ….and where they just pooed ….and it’s kinda gross ….but I’m really comfortable.

Proud moment for me.

I’ll have some pictures of the apartment and kittens posted over the next couple of weeks …promise!

In other news, my job has been extra sucky lately and has led me to the point of me needing to leave, but considering I have rent to pay, kittens to support and half the country is on welfare, it’s not an option right now.

On a more positive note, New Moon isn’t actually terrible!!! Much better than Twilight (although I’d never call it a Good Movie) and I really don’t feel like I need those 2+hours of my life back!

Now ….to the litter tray ….


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Apartment Inspiration

I’m so excited about moving out with The Boy! Although we’re at this ‘limbo’ stage because I REALLY want to start shopping for apartment stuff, but bar some basics, I can’t really buy anything until I’ve seen the place we’re going to be living!

So while my fingers itch to open my purse and just buy EVERYTHING I see, I’m going to put this time to good use and brush up on the interior design research so that I’m brimming with ideas for that wonderful day I can begin making our little rented apartment our home!

OH …..can you guys recommended any good design websites?


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