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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Hello Folks!
Hope you enjoyed the guest posts featured here over the last ten days!
Thanks again to the lovely ladies for helping me out!

My big move (ie: the reason I took the break) hasn’t happened, due to us realising what a HOLE of a place the house really was, so I’ve spent that last couple of weeks house hunting.
I’m feeling quite hopeful right now, because I think myself and The Boy may have struck gold, but I don’t want to jinx it so shhhhhhh.

Anyway, May is going to be ker-ray-zay, between continuing the house hunt, actually moving, potentially welcoming two new kittens (eeeeeeee) and heading to Paris with The Bessie.

I’m going to give myself a break from blogging for the month.
I could keep trying to churn out posts, but they’d be all complete shite and you guys deserve better than that.

So I will see you all again at the start of June, when I will dazzle you with pictures and anecdotes and general hilarity.

Don’t forget me!
Love you all!



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A Weekend in Paris: Attempt Number 1

I can’t remember the last time I procrastinated this much to avoid writing a post.
I don’t think I actually ever have.
My thesis holds my Longest Ever Proscrastinationing record, but this is definitely the Post Procrastination winner.
Dunno why…I’m just not super enthusiastic about writing about the Paris mini-break at the moment.
Because it was so shit…

….is what you are now thinking.
Ha ha ha, see what I did there!?
I crack me up!
*wipes tear*

Anyway the writer’s block is no reflection on the trip.
My brain is just in overdrive at the moment with all the moving stuff and planning for future kittens and coming up with decorating ideas and work stuff and everything…
*deeeeeeeep breaths*

Anyway it was a really nice weekend.
Even if it was raining quite a bit.
Although it wasn’t really a holiday to be honest.
It was a “The Boy has to see his sick granny” trip.
So there was no sight-seeing.
Or trips to our favourite restaurant for the best pizza in the world.
Or afternoon naps because we’re too warm and lazy to function.
Or getting lost.
Or buying Parisian souveniers.
Or hunting down carousels.

It was strange for us to be in Paris and not spend our entire time trying to fit in as many touristy sights as possible, but it was definitely the most French trip I have ever had to France.

*35mins later*
Yup………nothing’s happening.
Well there was a bit of writing, but I don’t have the energy to do the weekend justice right now.
So instead of forcing it, I’ll give it a shot again tomorrow.
Stay tuned for Take 2!


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When my heart rules my head

I’m feeling broody.
The biological clock is ticking away and my ovaries are screaming for something warm and cute to cuddle.
That’s right.
I want another kitten.

But I can’t.
I mustn’t.
You all shared my heartbreak back in September when m’self and The Boy were forced to hand our two babies over to another couple.
Tears were streaming down my face.
There was a dangerous split second when I thought I was going to clutch the cat box to my bosom and flee the country, far away from the small apartment and the new perfect charity-worker owners.
But in the end I did the right thing.
And sobbed my little heart out every time I came home from work to an empty apartment for the following months.

We had to give up the last set of lovable cats for good reasons.
I know that.
It was the best thing for them.
And for our tiny apartment that didn’t actually allow pets.
No more cats until The Boy and I have saved up enough for our own home.
There will be many rooms and vast amounts of space, not to mention a large garden for future cats to frolic in.
It will be perfect.
I had accepted we had to wait until then and I was at peace with the fact.

And then I heard the ISPCA appeal for adopters today.
And I went on the DSPCA website.
And I saw all the cats and kittens who had taken the time to pose for pictures and write their stories.
They were in first person…obviously the animals wrote them, pfft!

That was tough.
But then I came across cats who had listed other cats as their friends.
Read stories of brothers and sisters who were separated.
Saw tired, old cats remain non-adopted.
And the urge became unbearable.

You see I’m a sucker for the rejects.
My brain imagines detailed background stories for the animals and then I worry about their futures.
How are they feeling when people keep passing them by?
Do their little hearts break when they’re separated from their friends?
Do they have self-esteem issues because they’re not as young or as pretty as the other cats!?

A tiny child can be bawling its eyes out in front of my and I won’t bat an eyelid.
But you give me a cat with sad eyes and I’ll do anything to make it happy again.
I think it’s because they can’t understand what’s going on.
Like when we had to give our own cats away and I couldn’t explain it was because we loved them so much we wanted the best for them.
All they saw was that we were heartlessly tearing them away from their happy home, shoving them in boxes and then handing them over to evil strangers!

I know I should stay away from animal shelters.
But my will power is non-existent and generally, I’m excellent at manipulating myself into doing things I shouldn’t.

The bottom line?
Don’t be surprised if I post a picture in the coming weeks of my in our sitting-room surrounded by at least 20 shelter-cats….


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What becomes of the broken hearted…

Lad’s I’m in bits.
The Kittens are gone.

We handed them over to their new owners this morning.
With tears on my part.
(how embarrassing!)

The apartment seems so big and empty now and I feel a little lost.
They had so many little quirks and habits and routines that it’s constantly obvious that they’re not here anymore.

Whenever I stand up, I automatically look to see where they are so I can avoid standing on them when they run over to see what I’m doing.

When I open a bag of popcorn, I immediately expect Floyd to hop up on the couch beside me.
When The Boy walks into a room, I look to see if Judy is draped across his shoulders, happily purring.
But they’re not there.
And it’s painfully obvious that they’re not ours anymore.

I’m literally heartbroken.

And I know that might make me sound like a Crazy Cat Lady, but I’m too sad to care.
We adored those kittens and all their quirks.
So here’s a gallery of adorable pictures that I expect you all to look at and then leave comments telling me they were the most beautiful creatures ever.
*sad face*


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I look at you and take a picture with my hands

Please keep looking for a home for my poor kitties!!
Even if you can’t take them, you still have parents and grandparents and siblings and friends and aunts and uncles that you can hound!!!!!

Yes that white blob on the building IS a person....

I was a little down at the prospect of having to give up my lovely teenage cats yesterday, so I decided to take my mind off it by hanging out with My Boys (pronounced Maaa Booooys).
One of them was being lame and didn’t show up, but the lovely Isaac and not-so-lovely Stephen entertained me for the evening.

Isaac surpised me with a “Hey so I live in an apartment now” when I met up with him.
Me: “Wait, you moved out of home!?”
Isaac: “Yeah, didn’t I tell you?”
Me: “NO! Why didn’t I know this?”
Isaac: “Oh well me and Kevin decided not to actually tell people and just drop it into conversations…”

These are the kind of people I’ve to deal with.

So we headed to Temple Bar (the cooooolest area in Dublin) to check out his new Criiiib!
Twas quite lovely.
The two guys built a giant blackboard for their kitchen which I am SO planning to steal!
*insert evil laugh here*

Then we took a trip to the roof.
Yes the roof.
And no, it’s not a nice roof top gathering area.
It’s just the roof.
And Isaac and Stephen decided to run around, climbing onto different roofs and scaling walls (see picture on the right).

I stayed on the safe roof, since I was wearing a mini dress and pretty shoes.
Next time, I’m bringing my climbing shoes.
Note to self: Buy Climbing Shoes

Tis nice to know I now have somewhere to hang out that’s a 10min walk from my work place!

And if you think THAT was strange and cool and random, well after that we headed to Isaac’s laser lab where he’s building his Doomsday device (people should avoid a certain Dublin City college, btw) and played with lasers.
And by “played with lasers”, I mean, Nerdy Isaac demonstrated safe laser usage while we stood there looking awesome is space-worthy laser goggles!

Frickin’ Sweet.


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Tis a sad, sad day…

But I will start this post off on a positive note, because I am frickin’ loving my Non-Tacky-Nineties-Inspired outfit today!
And it was a complete accident!
White fitted lace mini dress with an oversized boyfriend denim shirt.
I’m just gutted I didn’t wear my yummy ankle boots, because I would’ve been Queen of the World.
Instead I’m wearing patent doll shoes…which are lovely…but not as satisfying as the boots would have been.

Shallow moment over.

My lovely teenage cats can no longer stay with us.
The apartments too small for them and gets too hot during the day.
And we’re having difficulty finding a home for them ourselves because we won’t turf them off to any idiot and we don’t want to separate them.

So I am asking you, my lovely readers, to reach out to ANYONE you know in the Dublin area (or in general Ireland if they’re lovely enough to drive to us) who would be interested in taking them!
This is an all hands on deck situation, so please ask everyone you know!

They're staring at flies on the balcony...my God, they love stalking flies...

Judy is the red-head and she’s a forever-kitten.
Seriously, she doesn’t grow.
She’s tiny and she’s a year old.
She enjoys feathers and strings and sitting on your shoulder while you walk around.
She will be hugged whenever, wherever and will love you A LOT!

Floyd is the boy cat (duh) and is quite the thinker.
He’s prone to crazy-excited fits where he chaces his tail and is generally awesome.
But he’s the responsible one and makes sure Judy is clean and tolerates her pouncing on him.
He loves his routines and will give out to you if you mess them up.
He enjoys hugs and cuddles too.

What we’re looking for is some who will take both cats and who preferably has a house (or a giant apartment).
They aren’t any hassle and the two of them keep each other amused, so you don’t need to be at home to keep them company all the time.
(They do like their evening time cuddles though, so BE THERE)
They’re toilet trained and they’ve been reared on dry food so no smelly tins for you!
I can’t see them getting on with dogs as they’ve been kinda sheltered but they’re fascinated by other cats.
These cats comes with:
Food and Water Dishes (and probably food)
Litter Tray (and probably litter)
Scratching Post
A huge supply of toys
A Hula-Hoop (Floyd likes to sit inside it)

You’d be an idiot to turn these little guys down…


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