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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Right, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of diary-esque blogging from me this week, so I’m going to direct you over to Soooali to take a look at my guest post on London.
You may also enjoy these pictures of nice hair…


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Why I think God hates me…

A traumatic childhood filled with taunts and jokes about your giant hair will make a person a little neurotic/paranoid/obsessed with the stuff on their head.
I’m one of those people.
My mother wasn’t all that bothered with learning how to control my thick, super-curly hair and instead just let it grow REALLY long and brushed the shit out of it every day.
Basically I looked like this until I was about 13…
Yup…there’s nothing like a wardrobe consisting of hand-me-downs from the early eighties to put the finishing touches to my tragic childhood.

It’s taken me a long time to tame and develop a style for my crazy mane.
Crazy-curly thick black hair is a bit of a nightmare.
Especially when hairdressers won’t listen to you.
And it got even worse when I started dying it a couple of years ago.
It was impossible to find someone who could do my hair in the right way and I cried more tears over it than I have over anything else.
I know it sounds shallow.
But it’s not.
It’s a traumatic-childhood-issue.
If my hair looks terrible, I’m transported right back to being the poor freak-show kid getting picked on in the school yard all over again.
It’s a confidence thing, because let’s face it, people judge you by your appearence and people can be cruel.

I thought I’d found the Holy Grail in a small hairdressers in Tallaght before Christmas and I returned today, thinking I wouldn’t have a problem.
When the dye was rinsed out  and I was plonked back in front of the mirror for the cut, I glanced at my reflection.
Is that piece of hair completely white?
Holy shit, are all my highlights white!!!!?
Surely the stylist will say something…I talked to her about this so she knows the colour I was trying to achieve.
I looked at her with a horrified expression
She kept combing away.

“Uhm….they’re very…blonde, aren’t they?” I said eventually.
“Yeah,” she said.
She looked at me with a ‘what’s the problem’ expression on her face.
“Uhm…well, that wasn’t the colour we were talking about.”
She blinked at me.
“Like, last time I was here, you gave me lovely brown highlights; these are…white.”
She sighed.
“Do you want me to put some toner in to darken them?” she said, looking irritated.
Do you even have to ask that question!?

The colour turned out ok in the end.
Although as she cut my hair, she unearthed one highlight that the colourist had missed when putting the toner in.
It was still white.
She stopped.
She saw me looking.
She hesitated….and then she kept cutting.
I didn’t have the energy to argue again.
Man, I hate going to hairdressers.


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Fashion Bloggers That Rock My World #1

Elizabeth Victoria C from Chic Heroin

I want her hair…and obviously her life…


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Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses

So I’m back!
Unless you liked my wonderful guest bloggers more than me and are now terribly disappointed that I’ll be taking back over.
I wouldn’t blame you.
Those girls are awesome!

So Paris.
Paris was great.
And I fully intend to tell you guys allllllll about it.
But right now I have a far more pressing matter to discuss.
It’s pretty serious.
And life-changing.
And all-consuming.
And deep.

My hair.

Guys, I just got back from the hairdressers and my poor hair is ruined.
I thought I’d found a great hairdresser about a year ago and the first two times I went she cut my hair perfectly and instructed her mini-person to colour my hair naturally and nice.

And then the last time I went, her mini-person tore the head off me and gave me orange tiger stripes down my head.
And this time, she dyed my hair a dye-black even though I’ve specified A MILLION TIMES that black dye is always obviously a black dye and is too harsh for my colouring.
(I do have black hair, but it’s a natural soft black that dyes just can’t seem to get right).
And then she cut my hair too short.
And cut my fringe.
And looked annoyed when I tried to fix my fringe the way it’s supposed to be.
Which is a Thick Retro Bangs kinda look.
And I then realised she’d cut HALF my fringe and it’s now too short and thinned out.

It’s a disaster.

I am very, very upset.

The Boy received a tearful phonecall while in the airport a couple of hours ago.
(He’s off to the South of France for ten days with his family)
(I declined my invite. I hate the heat. Bleeeeeurgh.)
(Plus I also couldn’t get the time off work, so I couldn’t have gone if I wanted to.)
(I feel abandoned.)

So rant over, can you Dubliners/Dublin-goers recommend any decent hairdressers who can respect a retro-esque haircut and will listen to me?


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But this world was not for you…

In April 2004, my life changed forever.

I counted up the money I’d been given for my 17th birthday and realised that I had enough to buy a GHD.

Up until that point, my hair was uncontrollable.
Giant, frizzy and far too long.
My mother hadn’t a clue how to deal with my thick curly nest and so, instead of giving me a style, she concentrated on brushing it a lot, so that it grew in size and threatened to eat the people I sat next to in school.

I tried frizz-controlling gels and creams that proved useless.
I spent hours blow-drying it straight only to have it triple in size and frizz out within a half hour.
I saved up and bought a Remington Hair Straightener for ‚ā¨40, only to have it make the frizz WORSE.

I spent years of school being called Bum Fluff.

And then, GHD came along.
It was heavy and sturdy and made from fairy dust.
For the first time in my life I had non-humiliating hair.
It was normal looking.
It had a naturally straight look and I abandoned my frizzy curls forever.
I gained some confidence.
I was finally not thought of as The Ugly Friend.

Six wonderful years we spent together.
Me and GHD.

And then two weeks ago, smoke started billowing from it.
GHD died and so did a piece of my heart.
Yesterday I bought a new one.
Sure it works just as well, but it’s a stranger.
It’s skinny and light and it beeps at me.

I miss my Old Reliable.
I will never forget you.


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Fantabulous Foto Friday

It’s been a mental week!
Crazy work, crazy weather, crazy conversations…

The Boy: Oh Patrick Stewart was knighted.
Me: WHAT!!!???
The Boy: Patrick Steward…knighted.
Me: HE DIED!!!!????
The Boy: Yeah *looks a little puzzled*
Me: Omg! *looks stricken*
The Boy: It’s not that big a deal.
Me: WHAT!!??? Do you know who Patrick Stewart is!!??
The Boy: Eh…yeah…
Me: Extras!? CAPTAIN PICARD!!??
The Boy: I know…
Me: Oh God! Why aren’t you sad!??? It’s so terrible! I can’t believe he DIED!? Why do all my heroes keep dying this year!!??
The Boy: Oh….I said knighted!!!
Me: Oh….well….that’s ok then….pheeeeeew!

I lived in my wool beanie for most of the year, but it’s just not suiting the recent hot weather!
I need to find a new companion to suit my large head and larger fringe…


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Fantabulous Foto Friday with some tidbits

Today’s photo theme is…*pauses to make-up a theme*…eh…uhm….hair….becaaaauuuuuuuuseeee…hair is nice.
I’m so good at this thinking-on-the-spot thing!

Some things that have happened this week…

1. Well I made my debut on Ballad of… this week, which was great because it allowed me to be creative and scary because it was so far from my normal writing. I also have minor fears that I come across as a 14-year-old emo.

2. I’m getting a little excited about Eclipse after seeing a new scene from it, but I know I’m probably going to be horrible disappointed when I see it *sigh* On a side note, I will bleed Skittles before I see the new Robin Hood…it’s aaaallll about Prince of Thieves…Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and ALAN RICKMAN!?…you just can’t beat it.

3. I am now a little in love with L√©a Seydoux….and a little extra in love with Cl√©mence Po√©sy….you guys don’t need an explanation for this.

4. Dublin’s 98 did a HILARIOUS Tyra Banks parody yesterday…as soon as I get a copy, you guys get a copy.

5. A friend in work has shared her genius with me and I will now be able to wear my dodgy-zip jeans without really long tops and jumpers! Loop one of those keyring-connectors onto the zip and slip it in behind the button on your jeans….magic….your zips will no longer keep falling down!

And yup, that’s it!


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