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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Busy night of hair washing, ironing and packing ahead of me tonight.
That’s right.
It’s the Irish Blog Awards Weekend!
I will be united with my cyber soulmate WR in her hometown for a whole two days.
I can barely sit still with excitement!

Only 130 tickets bought so far, which is a bit surprising.
Belfast = cheap alcohol and food and shopping.
Also, there is plenty of nice, cheap accommodation very close to the event if the Europa itself is a bit pricey for you!
No excuse for missing it.
It’s a once-a-year event.
Don’t be the sad blogger that won’t understand all the in-jokes on Monday morning.



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Fare Thee Well

The blogosphere is rather quiet at the moment.
And while it’s not unusual at this time of year, with all those lucky bloggers busy returning to college, the lack of people is sapping my own enthusiasm to blog and with fewer posts to read, I’m less inspired and coming up with fewer ideas.
That, combined with the fact that my life seems to be getting a little crazy right now, means I’m finding the blog a chore rather than release.
(also, I’m fighting the urge not to vent about a rather horrendous person right now, which is proving difficult because this is my Vent Place!)
So I’m going to take a wee break.
Just for the next couple of weeks!
You, stop hyperventilating! I’ll be back!
I’ll defuzz the brain and return brimming with exciting stuff to tell you all about.
(eh, hopefully)
I’ll aim to be back blogging by Monday 13th September, so mark it in your diary!!!
Don’t stop reading just because I’m taking some rest time!
Stay true, Lovers!
And in the meantime, please enjoy this cute kitten…


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Driving in your car, oh please don’t drop me home

D’ya know what’s great?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I mean, back in the day we were all like Woooo Buffy, but now we’ve kinda forgotten about it and there’s no Buffy Quoting in conversations like there used to be.
But I started rewatching my boxsets this weekend in an attempt to forget that The Boy has abandoned me and they’re STILL amazing!
Joss Whedon’s dialogue abilities rock.
And Season 4 was incredibly underrated…I mean, Season 2 and 3 are the best ones, but while Season 4 felt a little disjointed, it had some of the best episodes in the entire show!

But this post isn’t about Buffy -it’s about Paris!

Not that there’s much to report.
It was just a relaxing trip, which was what I needed.

Some highlights include bumper cars in the Jardin des Tuileries, a sunny afternoon spent in Pere Lachaise followed by banana splits and befriending a French couple who own the best restaurant in Paris (and who also gave us free shots that tasted like Lemon sherbet).

Downlights include the crazy weather, being pervily leered at by a disturbing amount of shameless men (old, young, middle-aged and other -it was disgusting and weird) and being viciously assaulted by mosquitoes.

All in all, a very good trip!


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Gah Buh Lurb


Yup, in work and blogging by 7:10am again.
The next tram would get me into work a few minutes late so I’m forced to come in 25mins early.

Roll on Wednesday when I’m back to my 9am starts.

So I’m back from London.
Phew, what a weekend.
Saturday was one of those days where you nearly had to suspend belief to wrap your head around the amount of things that went horribly wrong.
This also included having to watch the first 15mins of the Jersey Boys in the lobby.

Oh and I lost my hat!
And any girl who understands the importance of a closet staple that can be worn with anything and everything at any time of the year AND keeps your hair looking good, can understand what a tragedy that is.
It took my three years to find that hat.
We spent two glorious years together and now it is no more *sob*
And I will have to suffer giant frizzy hair until I can find another rare jewel in the hat world that I can wear (I have an odd-shaped head and a big fringe so hats aren’t normally my friends).

Sunday was MILES better and definitely saved the trip. A lot of it was spent in Madame Tussauds where a lot of craic was had.

Oh and I’m frickin awesome at navigating my way around the underground.

But I am absolutely knackered right now, thanks to a delayed flight last night and my brain isn’t really working properly, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a proper account of that trip and also some pictures of me with wax statues famous people.

Does anyone else think Garfunkles is the most overrated restaurant possibly ever?
Also my world cup fantasy football team is kicking ass in The Boy’s league, proving my point that football is lame and any eejit can throw together a decent team for fantasy leagues.


EDIT: LOL! By Jebus, just read this post over on Jenny’s blog, and well, I feel like I should retract my Terrible Start To The Holiday whine, because something like THIS could’ve happened…


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Crying Hysterically in the Rain

I really need to begin planning what to bring to Paris ….we’re leaving at like 6am on Tuesday! Oy vey!

Also, it has to be incredibly strategic packing because myself and The Boy are sharing a suitcase to cut down on our ridiculous travelling costs. Seriously, you think airlines would be lowering prices during the recession, not piling the euro on!

So my camera bag and my carpet bag can be carried on. Camera bag can double up as a handbag, so that takes care of my wallet, passport, phone, hairbrush and lipbalm!

The carpet bag can take the must-have book, the make-up and some of the dresses, so if the suitcase gets lost, I’m prepared. The suitcase can take everything else; the rest of my clothes, hairdryer, shower products and the things I don’t want to be put on display as I go through security, like underwear!

Ok, I’ve just checked the weather and I’m kinda p*ssed off (pardon my language) because the majority of the week is going to be the ONE type of weather I hate the absolute most: raining AND hot.


High humidity, high level of precipitation, high temperatures.

I actually feel sick.

And no longer excited about my trip.

Also this makes my packing bloody complicated and forces me to bring an abundance of hair products to try and deal with my crazy hair in the humidity!

This was supposed to be a post about what I was going to bring, but I think all I’ll need is this:


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Somewhere Across the Sea

My Paris Trip is about three weeks away ….I need to start planning my wardrobe ….stripes are a must ….

Vincent Top -£30, French Connection

Fornarina Top -€60, BT2

Striped Origami Jersey Dress -£35 in Topshop

Blouson Drape Cardi -€30, Awear

Stripe Shirred Waist Tunic -£20, Topshop

VOODOO Stripe TBar Shoes -£18, Topshop

Crochet Pinafore Dress -€30, Awear


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