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The Aftermath

“It’s all work, it’s never fun. As I mentioned to others: 1% thanks, 9% moans, 90% silence”
It was to that tune – sung by the event organiser on Twitter – that we descended on Belfast for the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday night.

This was to be my first time attending the most controversial night on the Irish blogging calendar.
Most of you probably didn’t know this, because I refused to mention it here, but I was actually a finalist in the Lifestyle Category, formerly known as the Fashion/Beauty category.
Yes I know I’m not a Lifestyle blog.
Yes I know I was actually a Personal Blog finalist last year.
I was SO aware of this fact that I emailed the IBA contact email THREE TIMES after the shortlists were released, telling them I wouldn’t consider myself a Lifestyle blog and that there seemed to have been some mistake.
Did I get a reply?
And then a week or so later, I find myself in the Final Five of the Lifestyle Category.

“Are you excited?” people asked me.
“No,” I replied. “It’s not fair on actual Lifestyle blogs that I’m taking up a place. I’m a Personal Blog.”
“What will you do if you win?” they asked.
“I’ll hand the award right back to them,” I said.

Thankfully, whoever was judging the last stage for the category had some sense and I wasn’t forced to “do a Brando” as one of WR’s Belfastian Friends put it.

I wasn’t even the only one put in a position like that.
The Irish Language category had a finalist that hadn’t written an Irish post in a million years. She too emailed and although she was privileged to receive a reply, she was pretty much told tough and that she was going to be left there.
And then her blog was mysterious left off the list when it was read out on Saturday night.
And had now been scratched off the list on the website.

The Personal Category had what a lot would consider a cookery blog finalist and Best Blog by a Politician was won by Dylan Haskins….who is not a politician*…and whose first post was at the end of January.

Am I attacking these individual bloggers? Absolutely not.
You’ve got to respect anyone who works hard on their blog all year round and continues to write interesting posts (in fact I’ve gotten some lovely recipes from IMAIF).
I’m criticising the system that put them in the positions they were in.
In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say I’m criticising the whole bloody event.

There was nothing but moaning from Damien in the lead-up about how much hard work it was.
We were expecting the feckin’ Oscars with the way it was made to sound.
We walked into a very plain, boring room, with people sitting or standing awkwardly in almost-silences.
Was this it?

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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Busy night of hair washing, ironing and packing ahead of me tonight.
That’s right.
It’s the Irish Blog Awards Weekend!
I will be united with my cyber soulmate WR in her hometown for a whole two days.
I can barely sit still with excitement!

Only 130 tickets bought so far, which is a bit surprising.
Belfast = cheap alcohol and food and shopping.
Also, there is plenty of nice, cheap accommodation very close to the event if the Europa itself is a bit pricey for you!
No excuse for missing it.
It’s a once-a-year event.
Don’t be the sad blogger that won’t understand all the in-jokes on Monday morning.


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Packing Wars

I’m finding myself really easily distracted this week.
When I’ve a lot of things happening – especially things taking me away from my home – I find it really tough to concentrate on anything too taxing, which happens to include blogging.
I’ve a lot happening from now until Mid-April and my mind is constantly switching from one thing to the other, trying not to forget anything.
It kicks off this weekend with the Irish Blog Awards up in Belfast.
And yes I know I’ve been unusually quiet about them this year, but I’ll address that issue when I get some time next week.
I have my train ticket and event ticket, but I can’t bring myself to muster the energy required to buy sterling.
Damn you, UK….why couldn’t you switch to the Euro like everyone else!?
Yes our 1c coins may be tiny and pointless, but at least our coins look difference and non of them are the size of a ROCK.
I’m looking at you £1 Coin.
*shakes fist*

Also, I’m putting off planning what I’m going to pack.
I’m REALLY bad at packing.
And I mean REALLY.
I can’t bear to be too far away from a lot of my possessions and I’m very much a ‘What If’ packer –IE: What if it’s unseasonably warm, what if my hair gets frizzy, what if there’s a flood, etc.
Just for planning for hair alone I have to pack my heated rollers, GHD and hair-dryer, plus a paddle brush and medium barrel brush…and hair serum.
All of that for a two-day trip, during which I won’t be washing my hair.
That’s all just damage control.

Then there’s the outfit for the awards, which needs to stay un-wrinkled, so a suit bag will be robbed from The Boy.
This will include a separate jacket to the one I’ll be wearing during the day.
Speaking of which, what are y’all wearing to the IBAs?

Also needing to be packed are a change of clothes, sleeping attire and a gift for the lovely people who are putting me up for the night.
Oh and my Nikon D-SLR.
Oh and…..don’t worry, I’ll think of some other things.
I’m mental, seriously.
The Boy finds going on holiday with me very stressful during the packing process.

Thankfully, I have St Patrick’s Day** off from work to deal with this packing madness.
And then next week it will start all over again as I plan my packing for a weekend in Paris.

**That’s right, American Readers, PATRICK’S Day.
Paddy’s Day will also do.
Not Patty’s Day.
Patty is a GIRL’S name.
You’re insulting out Patron Saint when you call the day that.
Wise Up.


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Fantabulous Foto Friday

It’s almost the weekend!!
*insert many more exclamation marks*

Once again, I’m on target with posting every day from Monday to Friday …shocker!
This means I’ll actually have a nice relaxing weekend that won’t be punctuated with “OMG what am I going to WRITE!!!??? Why is my life SO BORING!!!?” as I stare at a blank laptop screen and try to hit my ‘five posts a week’ target.

I’m booking my train ticket for the Irish Blog Awards today.
I’m actually ridiculously excited about the event!
It’s not just about being nominated or winning awards – it’s about meeting up with all the lovely Irish bloggers we’ve met this year.
Only three weeks to go…YAY!


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The compulsory “Nominations for the IBAs have opened” post

So yeah.
Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards 2011 have opened up.
You can vote HERE.

You don’t have to be Irish or be living in Ireland to vote.
You just need to read Irish blogs.

Despite our efforts, the Fashion and Beauty category was not split into two separate categories.
In fact, this year they’ve been packed into a new Lifestyle category.

Speaking of protest attempts, one interesting addition to the categories is…
Best Outraged Blog Awards Post
Conspiracy theories, cries of corruption and calls for a million blogger march on IBA HQ

Seems like this could be a bit of a two-fingered salute to anyone who has criticised the awards over the past year.
Call them out in public.
Make them own their complaints/observations/civilised queries and potentially face the people they berated if they make it to the awards ceremony.
Evil genius or pettiness?
A number of protests and campaigns were held against the government, etc this year though, so I’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt that it’s these bloggers that the category is aimed at!
I can TOTALLY be diplomatic.
Maybe just this one time though…

I’ll have to dedicate the weekend to deciding who I’ll nominate.
There are the obvious ones (for me anyway) like WR for Humour Blog and maybe Avant Style for Best Newcomer, but other than that I’m stumped.
For starters, I know/read/love WAY too many Irish Fashion Bloggers!!
Blau, Whisty, WWIWT and Glamrocks Girls, Ali, etc….fight it out, bitches!

If you’re contemplating nominating me, well thank you in advance.
I appreciate your faith in me and your loyalty.
Judging from last year’s nominations, I fit into a few different categories, so go with what your heart tells you.
Although it’s probably safe to assume that you can rule out the Irish Language and Political Categories (oh the jokes I make! *wipes tear*).
Also not sure that using everyone else’s photos, while taking the odd TERRIBLE one myself would qualify me for Best Photography Blog.
Oh and if you want to nominate one of my posts, just make sure they were written within the specified time frame.

Take a look through my blogroll for some great Irish Bloggers if you’re wondering who to nominate!



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A little letter to…. the Irish Blog Awards Committee

Dear Committee,

I would like to begin this letter by saying it’s not an attack on you.
I’m well aware of the fact that you probably get a number of sad people who love to criticise your efforts, but I assure you I’m not one of them.
I’ve said on a number of occasions how great I think you are for all your hard work and I genuinely do look forward to the Awards, enjoy being involved in the judging process and love the opportunity to discover new blogs.

Early today I asked you via Twitter if there were going to be separate categories for Fashion and Beauty blogs.
The lovely Blau also posed this question.
This was the response we got:

I didn’t realise Fashion and Beauty bloggers were second class blogosphere citizens that had to hold their own measly awards for recognition.

Now I understand that fashion and beauty seem shallow, trivial and superficial to some people.
Well plenty of people feel that way about sports.
Others may think those topics are mindnumbing.
Again, plenty of people feel the same about politics.

As I pointed out to The Boy in a rant earlier on – a point that Blau later raised on Twitter – if you’re not going to separate Fashion and Beauty, then why would you separate Politics from News and Current Affairs?
The Political Blog category could even be combined with Blog by a Politician in to one shiny Politics category.

Photography is separated from Arts and Culture, but Fashion and Beauty are still lumped together.

When this issue is raised, there are remarks along the lines of “they just want categories designed for only them”.
Well I’m not a fashion OR a beauty blogger, so this isn’t a personal issue.
I’m not asking for an obscure category such as Extreme Ironing Blogs.
I’m asking for Fashion and Beauty to be acknowledged as different topics -something many other bloggers have also called for, only to be fobbed off.

If money is the issue, I would be more than happy to pay for the award that is handed out on the night.
If there are other monetary costs that I’m not aware of, well I’ll say here and now that A Chick Named Hermia will sponsor the Fashion category if you, the committee, will listen to bloggers’ suggestions and separate the topics.
….I should add that I’m obviously not rich, but once the sponsor fee is reasonable and not a couple of grand, I’d be more than happy to pay up.

I am asking you guys now not to get defensive or feel like you’re being attacked and instead listen to what I am saying and take it on board .
I am not criticising your hard work, your efforts or the ceremony itself.
What I am criticising is your failure to listen to what bloggers are asking you and for making Fashion and Beauty Bloggers feel less significant than ‘heavy topic’ writers.

I hope you’ll do the right thing.



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I’ve got a ticket to the fast city, where the bells don’t really ring…

So the place and date has been announced for the 2011 Irish Blog Awards…
March 19th in the beautiful Belfast.
Which makes me suspect that mine and Blau’s conversation in Wagamama on Monday was being bugged, as we’d wondered when we were going to hear about it!

And yes I AM implying that we’re important enough to spy on!

I do like the few months leading up to awards ceremony itself  – and obviously I say this with a whole one-year’s experience of the Irish Blog Awards – because it gives me some inspiration.
Around this time of year, the early darkness makes me lazy and I’m less eager to tap out a new post by the time I’ve gotten home from work and made a dinner, so I tend to give myself frequent breaks….a day here, a day there.
I also find it’s easier to post a video or a an item of clothing than actually attempt to be creative.

Not that I turn into a crappy blogger… basically the Judging Months keep me on my toes and provide me with the kick-start I need to stop me from slacking.

I’ll admit I was feeling a little bit of pressure for this year after doing shockingly well last year (I like to think of bribery as taking the initiative), but then I thought ‘Feck It, you’ll get to drink with awesome bloggers’ and now I’m happy to go along for the ride and not care about what happens!
Just as long a White Rabbit NI gets Best Humour Blog again…
*looks threateningly a potential voters*

However, whom-ever was tweeting for the Irish Blog Awards today did strike a chord with me when they said the following…


@IrishBlogAwards You may now resurrect your blogs and lick the arse of other bloggers in the comment sections or start a fight! #iba11
There’s a huge difference between getting a bit of blogging energy during the judging process and just taking the complete piss.
It was fairly common last year and I remember being surprised at the number of people who seemed to be doing this and then went as far as being shortlisted!
So I’ll ask anyone volunteering as a judge this year to look out for that.
Look a few months back in each blog’s archives to get a real look at what it’s about!
A blog should be judged on its whole year, not just the couple of months it knew it was being watched and was looking for a bit of fame!
On a sidenote, fingers crossed that they introduce separate Fashion and Beauty categories this year….fashion bloggers just haven’t stood a chance these last few years!
Yay Blog Awards!


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