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Food Lust

I’ve spent the morning looking at hundreds of macaron recipes.
They look like tough little feckers to make, but I can’t afford to satisfy my cravings at Ladurée anymore ever.

Haven’t made desserts in a while so I may spend the next week warming up with simpler recipes like Panna Cotta.
I’m sure The Boy won’t complain about the sudden influx of pastries and pies as I practice!

Wonder if I’ll ever master my all-time favourites, Rose Macarons….

PS: I know of some job openings right now in Dublin for people who speak English and a second language!
It really is a great company to work for and if I was even remotely capable of speaking another language, I’d be all over it!
Mention in a comment here if you’re interested or email me if you’re worried about privacy (email on Contact page).



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Fantabulous Foto…

For this week only, seeing as the Irish Blog Awards announcement took over Friday’s slot!
Plus prepare yourselves for three days of posts inspired by my spontaneous Solo Drinking on Saturday night!
What’s on my mind today?
Roll on, Paris….I’ve missed you terribly…


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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Weeeeeee it’s Friday and my weekend has begun!

AND if that isn’t great enough, myself and The Boy have just booked our tickets to Paris for the end of July!

I think I’ll celebrate with some macarons from Ladurée in Brown Thomas tomorrow!
I can’t get enough of the Rose macarons, but they must remain as treats pour moi, otherwise they won’t be special…

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Fashion Filosophies

Number 1 :

I don’t like snoods.

They’re for lazy scarf wearers.

They sit in a ‘blah’ way.

Is it really so much effort to tie a loose knot in a proper scarf?

On a side note, I love the vintage scarf lines Topshop have right now.

Number 2:

Teenagers need to stop wearing hot pants.

99% of girls look really not good in hot pants.

Being 16 does not make you an exception.

It makes you a slutty child.

Number 3:

Making you hair look like a bird’s nest is not a good thing.

You look like a dirty homeless drug addict.

God gave us shampoo.

Use it.

Number 4:

I like macaroons.

A lot.

If Lady GaGa can make a teacup and saucer a fashion statment, then I think she should turn her hand to Ladurée’s macarons.

Especially the Rose macaroon.


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