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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Right, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of diary-esque blogging from me this week, so I’m going to direct you over to Soooali to take a look at my guest post on London.
You may also enjoy these pictures of nice hair…


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In Paris, you learn wit, in London you learn to crush your social rivals, and in Florence you learn poise.

I’m always very torn when it comes to London.

I know that as a fashion lover, I should be ecstatic at any chance to visit the city, but I’m really not.
The sole reason I go there is the West End.

Yeah I know -Oxford Street, Brick Lane, The Beatles, blah blah blah.

It’s not for me.

In fact a lot of what I’ve seen in London has been a bit scary and dirty looking.
And the taxis are really expensive.
And while I love being able to navigate it, I loathe and detest the Underground…it’s so feckin’ HOT and then COLD and then HOT!
And the general public (natives and tourists) are quite unfriendly and rude.

Maybe it’s different to live there, but as a tourist, it’s a bit cruddy.
(I’m sure loads of people say the same about Dublin)

And also, even though it probably seems a little silly, most people from traditional Irish families have an in-built….well, I wouldn’t say dislike, because it’s not like that….
…well put it this way, hundreds of years of oppression aren’t let go very easily.
I mean The Irish Republic hasn’t been The Irish Republic for even a hundred years yet!

Not that that means I just hate random British people, because that’s just ridiculous.
I mean it’s not like some lovely British blogger my age has any connection what happened or even knows who the Black and Tans were.
It’s sorta ignorant to hold people today responsible for what happened before 1924.

I think it’s the general ‘British thing’ as in the symbolism that we have a problem with.
Like heading to London, I wanted to get into the spirit of things fashion-wise. Sure the Union Jack print scarves are quite fetching, but I’d be feckin’ ex-communicated from the Family is I thought to wear one.
Likewise, when I was in Madame Tussauds, I had a picture taken with one of those funny guards with the fuzzy hats and a quick snap taken with Harry, cos he’s a Ginger and the outcast of the Royals, but I wasn’t going to have a pic taken with the Queen.
Does it make sense?
Probably not.
But it’s an intuitive thing.
It’s in your blood.

For example, I’m sure Jewish people don’t shout vulgarities at the random German/Austrian people they see, but they’re not going to wear a Swastika or name their firstborn Adolf.

I do feel like some of you may get the wrong idea and think I’m some crazy racist.

I’m not….I swear.
I love Coronation Street and Harry Potter and James Bond (although the best Bonds were Scottish and Irish, so maybe that doesn’t count) and British Vogue (which is miles better than its American Cousin).
But I’m not going to cheer the English Team on in the World Cup and it hurt a little to watch the English Rugby Team step foot on Croke Park soil, when 80 years beforehand, English Hooligans parading as Peacekeepers massacred innocent Irish men, women and children during a match in a stadium that only ever hosted Irish sports until a few years ago.

Ok wow, this is heavy stuff, so moving on…

Anyway, Madame Tussauds was the highlight of the trip.
Although bloody hell, you think someone would warn you about the two hour queue on a Sunday morning!
And lads, that feckin’ Scare Section….I nearly wee-ed myself.

I am a screamer.
I never knew that.
And The Boy nearly wet himself laughing at me.
And every actor in there targetted me.
And the old man behind me said he was glad I was in front, because my screams warned him that someone was going to jump out.
I was a mess coming out of there!

Embarrassing much?

So please enjoy my ‘awesome’ pictures and my non-racism….it’s not the people I have problem with, it’s just, well, that I’m Irish.


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Gah Buh Lurb


Yup, in work and blogging by 7:10am again.
The next tram would get me into work a few minutes late so I’m forced to come in 25mins early.

Roll on Wednesday when I’m back to my 9am starts.

So I’m back from London.
Phew, what a weekend.
Saturday was one of those days where you nearly had to suspend belief to wrap your head around the amount of things that went horribly wrong.
This also included having to watch the first 15mins of the Jersey Boys in the lobby.

Oh and I lost my hat!
And any girl who understands the importance of a closet staple that can be worn with anything and everything at any time of the year AND keeps your hair looking good, can understand what a tragedy that is.
It took my three years to find that hat.
We spent two glorious years together and now it is no more *sob*
And I will have to suffer giant frizzy hair until I can find another rare jewel in the hat world that I can wear (I have an odd-shaped head and a big fringe so hats aren’t normally my friends).

Sunday was MILES better and definitely saved the trip. A lot of it was spent in Madame Tussauds where a lot of craic was had.

Oh and I’m frickin awesome at navigating my way around the underground.

But I am absolutely knackered right now, thanks to a delayed flight last night and my brain isn’t really working properly, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a proper account of that trip and also some pictures of me with wax statues famous people.

Does anyone else think Garfunkles is the most overrated restaurant possibly ever?
Also my world cup fantasy football team is kicking ass in The Boy’s league, proving my point that football is lame and any eejit can throw together a decent team for fantasy leagues.


EDIT: LOL! By Jebus, just read this post over on Jenny’s blog, and well, I feel like I should retract my Terrible Start To The Holiday whine, because something like THIS could’ve happened…


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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Gah it’s 7.10am.
I am in work.
I shouldn’t have been in until 7.30am, but transport moved really quickly this morning and here I am.
To be technical, I shouldn’t be in work until NINE O’CLOCK, but people are on holidays and muggins here gets to leave her bed at 5.30am.
For anyone wondering, getting out of bed at that time is REALLY AWFUL!

I’m off to London tomorrow morning, so that’s definitely cheering me up!
It’s my birthday trip from The Boy so Jersey Boys here I come.
Dear God I’m so excited!

Also, there’s something quite exciting happening for me later today, but I can’t tell you just now so watch this space (well not this EXACT space, but ye know, come back and visit!)

No prizes for guessing what today’s foto theme is….


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They say it’s your birthday…

Well considering I am the Big 23 today, no prizes for guessing what this week’s Fantabulous Foto Friday theme will be!

I am in a such an AMAZING mood, because The Boy presented me with a weekend in London this morning AND it’s not JUST a trip to London….it’s a trip to London to see THE JERSEY BOYS!!!!!

I’m so unbelievably excited!!!!


Some random side notes:

  • I laughed at a really old woman yesterday cos she looked like a human raisin and had a funny expression on her face, so I’m going to hell.
  • Someone called me H the other day in a comment and I was like, “AWESOME I have a cool blogger nickname,” like Q in the Bond movies….or H from Steps….that’s less cool….
  • I currently smell like vanilla after a bath last night with a Lush Bath Bomb…mmmmm


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There’s no where to go but home to Avenue Q!

Oh oh oh, I never told you guys!

The Boy’s birthday is coming up next month and considering the fact that he’s successfully obtained his degree and will be officially graduating soon (hurrah!!!) AND the fact that he’s having a bit of a lame time with his job right now COMBINED WITH a huge shortage of money for both of us because we’re saving for Australia, well I thought he deserved something a bit special for his birthday (White Rabbit, no dirty sniggering!!!).

So with a not-so-stressful amount of research I managed to track down a relatively cheap trip to London for a long weekend during September!

*pause for cheering and applause*

And being the lovely boy he is, he did feel it would be cruel for me to be in London and NOT see a musical of some sort, so he said he didn’t mind if we went to a show during one of the nights.

Swell boy, right!?

BUT I did compromise and found superbly cheap tickets for Avenue Q, which I saw on Broadway a couple of years ago.

This is no ordinary musical.

With a cast that is half-human-half-puppet, songs that include If You Were Gay, The Internet is for Porn and Everyone’s  a Little Bit Racist and an entire scene dedicated to puppet sex, this is THE boy musical.

They should take more advantage of that in their ad campaigns:

Avenue Q -The Musical for the Man who is too Manly and Awesome and Straight for Musicals….

….or something like that!


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Thank you for Smoking

One of my favourite parts of a holiday is getting to raid the duty free in the airport on the way home …well, if I have money!

Luckily, our London weekend ended up being really cheap and so I arrived at Stansted with £60 in my purse *cue crazy-happy running towards the Benefit counter*

And what to my wondering eyes did appear? Benefit’s Smokin’ Eyes …it’s changed my life.

I have never EVER managed to achieve a smokey look as perfect as the one I achieved when I tested this out at home.

Je suis very happy.

Also included on my purchasing list was Bluff Dust for my persistant flushing!

This too is incredible!


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