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Fantabulous Foto Friday

First of all, I’m REALLY sorry for neglecting all you lovely people who have left comments on the blog over the last week.
I pride myself on visiting your blogs when you comment and also returning those comments, so I’m a little angry with myself right now.
It wouldn’t be a proper Chick Named Hermia post if I wasn’t over-dramatic.
*begins the self-flogging and hand-wringing*

Anyway, with being up in Belfast last weekend for the IBAs, viewing potential houses every evening and The Boy’s granny being in hospital, time has been scarce.
Actually thank you so much for all the well-wishing tweets and texts for his granny…she’s making nothing short of a miraculous recovery right now, so fingers crossed she keeps going in that direction.
I’m heading to Paris for the next few days to visit The Boy’s French granny, who is also sick right now so I’ll be MIA until next Tuesday.
And then I’ll be busy preparing for the big move into mine and The Boy’s first (rented) house.
Three bedrooms and a big garden: we won’t know what to do with ourselves!
I’m really excited!
When we moved into our apartment, it was perfectly decorated so we never got to do anything to make it really feel like home.
This new place looks like it belongs in the seventies though, so we’ll be shopping for paint and carpet and all sorts of home-making goodies.
I’m desperately in need of a creative project.
Plus, The Boy has bestowed one of the bedrooms on me so I can have my own little office.
*excited squeal*
This is in return for me allowing us to get a few sports channels.
Sweet compromise.

We haven’t signed anything yet, so hopefully nothing mental happens between now and next weekend when we had over the deposit that makes the landlady stop loving us…and by ‘us’, I mean The Boy…



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Ah lads, I’m dying.

Well not actually dying, but it frickin’ feels like it right now!

The Tooth has struck again.

And this time it’s brought its bessie mate Infection along with it.

One half of my mouth is on fire.
I’ve never experienced this much pain and I’ve already taken too many painkillers so I’m defenseless right now.

The Boy has been great though.
I came home from work yesterday and cried for a half hour from general pain and hunger (I can’t chew right now and liquid doesn’t fill you up!) and he brought mushy, non-chew-needing food home for me.
He even sacrificed a World Cup game so I could watch Roman Holiday, bless him.

I’m not in a very good mood now, so this is the extent of today’s blogging.
I do promise to visit all your blogs this evening though to make up for my lack of cyber-socialising over the last few days.

And sorry you had to read my depressing whiney post.
I’m done now.



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Je suis sick, Internet God.

Thou shalt not get anything out of my fuzzy head today.

Amuse yourself with my older posts.

They’re vintage now and vintage is cool.



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Some of you may be surprised…

…to find me blogging today.

“But Hermia, aren’t you supposed to be floating around Paris right now!?” they will exclaim, marvelling at my dedication, presuming that I’ve taken some time out of my Parisian Spree to hunt down a computer.

Well think again.

I am sitting at home.

On my own.

With my cats.

I have become THAT girl.

The explanation: I have been SO sick ALL Christmas.

Since pretty much THE moment my Christmas holidays started.

Flu since the night of the 23rd, which started to improve around Tuesday and then turned into a stomach flu the day before we were supposed to go to Paris.

About five hours before the flight, I had to give in and admit I was in NO state to fly and then possible ruin The Boy’s Family’s New Year.

He went without me.

Cos he’s a jerk.

Lol, not really ….I made him go ….so his mam wouldn’t kill me.

And then I spent last night in my parents house.

But had to leave today because the snow is icing over and I have to protect the kittens cos they’re all tiny and helpless and lacking thumbs to open food cabinets and I’m afraid of ice.

So here I am ….in Dublin ….alone ….with a huge supply of waffles and the piece of steak my mum gave me ….


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Je suis not in a good mood today….

Je suis….

  • sick
  • soaked
  • doing an early, longer shift in work
  • doing double my workload in work
  • tired
  • in pain from the physio
  • the possessor of greasy hair
  • and oh yeah, SICK!


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I’m Still Breathing

Hello all!

Sorry I’m been MIA for the last few days but I’ve been horribly sick and just couldn’t face anything more strenuous than watching Audrey Hepburn and Bette Davis movies!

But I’m back and Oh Oh Oh, my beautifully darling and wonderful readers, I have a lovely surprise coming up for you, so do watch this page over the next day or so for a non-missable treat!

Right now though, I’m going to leave you with some Katy Perry lyrics which I’ve been listening to quite a lot this weekend. And nobody better roll their eyes at the fact I listen to Katy Perry, cos she’s surprisingly underrated song-wise and there are some fabulously clever lyrics on that album (and no, I’m not being sarcastic!). Oh and don’t worry, it’s not cos I’m crisising or anything that I’m posting these lines, it’s just it struck me that we really don’t pay enough attention to people:

I leave the gas on, walk the alleys in the dark,
Sleep with candles burning, I leave the door unlocked,
I'm weaving a rope and, running all the red lights,
Did I get your attention cause I'm sending all the signs that
The clock is ticking, and I'll be giving my two weeks,
Pick your favorite shade of black, you best prepare a speech
Say something funny, say something sweet,
But don't say that you loved me.


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Currently watching…

When my nose is all stuffy and my brain is all fuzzed-up, nothing makes me feel better than a good Meg Ryan movie.


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