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Hitting a Wall

Having some internet issues at the moment (damn you, UPC *shakes fist*).
It’s a bit frustrating considering I was just starting to get back into the swing of posting again, but there you go.
I am trying my best to get it sorted though, so fingers crossed I’ll be back soon!
On a positive note, I still have my Blackberry and can continue to stalk you all on Twitter in the meantime….


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The GMLSP Project

Yeah I know….wow right??

I think everyone was beginning to think the Purpose Project was No More.

I guess with the things that were happening in my life over the last few months, it became difficult to find the motivation to persue the project!
I have ticked off a few items on the list (such as the movie one) and just didn’t blog about them.

But looking at the results of the survey you lovely people took part in, a good few readers wanted me to do some more Purpose things and feeling guilty, I felt I owed you a BIG one.

You guys love the humiliation!

So here I am….performing a song that I wrote myself.
I’d like to STRESS that I am well aware of the fact that I am not blessed with wonderful vocal talents (hence the reason I was in the back during Musicals and Pantos) and while I can write, I can’t write songs and I’m not great at rhyming.

To make it a little more interesting, I set myself an hour time limit in which I could write, learn and record the song.
Sorry about the poor quality…I had to record it on my camera and the video sound isn’t great and always sounds staticy, for some reason….you can still enough to laugh at it though!!
The song was inspired by THIS old post of mine.

So here we go….

EDIT: Yeah I meant to explain in this post why there was a guitar in the video. I bought a guitar years ago, thinking I’d learn to play it ….and then didn’t.
Initially, I’d planned on just plucking one string over and over again during the song, but I just really didn’t have enough co-ordination for that …and then I just felt cool holding a guitar like that Swedish girl in the Eurovision who brought the guitar out and never played it and then it just disappeared halfway through the performance.
Consequently, if any instrument-playing person would like to write music for my wonderful *cough cough* song, feel free to record it and send it my way and I can combine it….I won’t judge the sadness of your life if you care enough to do that….I swear 😀
Also apologies for the constant fringe-fixing….it’s a bit too long right now and blinds me, but I’m cutting it later today!


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Let me tell about the time I….was psychotically obsessed with a boy.

So there was this guy, who I’ll refer to as P.

I met him during this college programme I attended the week before my First Year orientation.

It was a summer school of sorts, whereby a number of incoming First Years were given the opportunity to stay on campus for a week and meet other new students and experience all the college had to offer.

One of the best weeks of my life.

It was my first real taste of freedom.

The programme had a number of group leaders, who were current students at the college, and one my group leaders was P.

He was very pretty and quiet and nice and had very amazing eyes which he just locked onto yours when he was talking to you.

We got on well and at the end of the week, we exchanged phone numbers.

His suggestion, not mine.

I remember spending HOURS thinking about when I should text him and what I should text him, and eventually I sent him an innocent text asking him to recommend a few societies to join.

And so some casual texting followed.

But this wasn’t enough for me.

No, no.

And so began the Stalkfest.

Hormones completely took over and while I am normally very level-headed about this kind of thing, I decided I was in love with him and that I had no other choice but to marry him and have his babies.

So I hung around the Humanities building A LOT (we were both doing humanities degrees).

I checked his course timetable online (oh God, I know!) and then casually made sure I was in the area he was having class in, which was followed by a delightful conversation,consisting of “Hiiiiiiiii” and maybe a “How are you?”.

Cmon, I was so far gone at this stage my nerves couldn’t deal with an ACTUAL conversation with him.

I knew which computer room he used, and poor Lyndsay, being the wonderful friend she is, consented to hanging out in this particular computer lab which also happened to be the WORST computer lab in the whole college.

And then, purely by accident, I discovered where he worked in town, and used to frequent this shop.

It actually wasn’t TOO suspicious as it was the only H&M (oh God I hope he NEVER finds this blog) we had in town at that time.

And then there was the time I skipped a HUGE Drama Soc after-show party to go to a less-than-fine Christmas Party that he said he’d be going to.

He didn’t show.

I still hate that I missed that party.

But then he got himself a girlfriend his own age (there were 3 or 4 years between us) and possibly also copped that I was the one ringing his phone on a private number at 3am and breathing heavily down the receiver at him, and so he stopped talking to me.

And I stopped stalking him.

And actually forgot all about him until I saw him the next year looking a little greasy and not at all pretty anymore, to which I mentally responded “ha ha ha HA…reject ME will ye!?”

Because I’m so mature.

Thankfully this was the last time I was ever so ridiculous, and I became SO much cooler with the male kind from there on….eh, sorta.

But it was definitely the last and the worst Stalkfest I ever conducted.

I kinda miss those crazy days.

Maybe I’ll try stalking The Boy for a while cos hiding in bushes is ALWAYS fun….


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