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Hitting a Wall

Having some internet issues at the moment (damn you, UPC *shakes fist*).
It’s a bit frustrating considering I was just starting to get back into the swing of posting again, but there you go.
I am trying my best to get it sorted though, so fingers crossed I’ll be back soon!
On a positive note, I still have my Blackberry and can continue to stalk you all on Twitter in the meantime….


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Mug of Hot Chocolate Please!

This snow is seriously limiting my life and therefore my blog inspiration.
My days are consisting of…
-Get up and shiver and then panic about breaking your leg on the ice.
-Spend three hours battling your way to work and avoid physically damaging yourself. No need to worry about psychological damage, because you’re WAY too far gone.
-Spend eight hours freezing or sweating in work, depending on how the heating is feeling that day.
-Worry about how/if you’re going to be able to get home.
-Spend three hours battling your way home.
-Starve because you’re too tired to cook.
-Fall asleep panicking about killing yourself on the ice tomorrow.

It hardly makes for entertaining posts!

So instead I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you of other ways you can enjoy A Chick Named Hermia

—-> I don’t use Bloglovin’, which means I always forget to promote it for those of you that so.
I am sorry for this.
You can follow A Chick Named Hermia HERE
Now you can all be happy.

—-> 4/5/6 posts a week not enough? Well follow me on Twitter to read my daily musings.

—-> I like you guys very much and would very much like to call you Friends as your comments and suport brighten my day. Befriend me on Facebook so we can make it official.


Yes this DOES count as a post!!!!!


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