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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Today on the bus, I sat across a woman who took her shoes off and began scratching between her toes.
Her feet stank.
A few minutes later, she began chewing each and every one of her finger nails while making slurping noises.
She then proceeded to pick dirt from between her teeth with the bitten-off nail pieces.
After that, I watched in horror as she had a good pick of her nose, wiped the discovered treasures on the back of her hand and then sucked them off a little while later.

This is one of the milder experiences I’ve had since deciding to get the bus to and from work instead of the tram to save money.

Here are some modes of transport I’d much rather be taking…



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And they were all Yellow….

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are always so quiet in the blogosphere.

No idea why.

But anyway, rather than using up all my best material while nobody is online, I’ll leave my terribly amusing and humiliating stories for the weekdays and take things easy now with a photo post.

The weather was amazingly sunny and fresh this week and literally as soon as I finished work yesterday, it was nothing but grey skies.

So I’m going to brighten my mood and keep things mellow with some yellow….

Coldplay\’s Yellow


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Cheryls and Vespas

Although I normally don’t discuss the gossip side of the celebrity world, I do want to say that I REALLY hope Cheryl sticks with her resolution to divorce that cheating-rat-of-a-husband of hers.

She’s a role model and unlike Rhianna and Elin, she needs to show girls that self-respect is important and you don’t give another chance to the guy that breaks your trust.

Lol, and moving on from the serious moral lecture, how COOL are vespas!???

If I wasn’t so scared of everything, including my own shadow, I would TOTALLY get one….


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