I have lots of opinions.
I like writing them on this blog.
If you don’t like them, stop reading this blog.
Don’t be the sad person that leaves rude, petty rants on other people’s posts.
Sure, you’re more than welcome to disagree, but ye know, have some self-respect.

If it’s not my opinion, I will say.
If it’s not my original idea, I will say.
If a specific article/radio conversation/blog/etc has inspired my opinion, I will say.
If you think I’ve copied something and am trying to pass it off as my own, you’re a crazy person with too much time on your hands.
The internet is a MASSIVE place, so the chance that two people will have written about a similar thing in a similar way isn’t exactly mind-blowingly unlikely.

If you think something I write is directed at you, well it probably is.
Also if you’ve done something hilariously embarrassing around me, well you should know by now that I plan on heading to the nearest computer to document it.
If I use your name, yeah you’ve got some ground for complaint.
If I haven’t, well only 2% of my readership is psychic, so I don’t need to remove the post for any reason other than to put a stop to your annoyance.
And I probably won’t want to stop that.
*pokes with stick*

Images are not mine, unless they’re really crap.
If you want more Image info, click the Image tab above.
*looks up*
Yup, there it is.

Now please enjoy this picture of an adorable kitten.


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