Round and Round and Round I go….

….where I’ll stop, nobody knows….



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13 responses to “Round and Round and Round I go….

  1. ali

    such a magical picture.
    Hope your having a great Friday!

  2. Such a pretttyyy photo!!! Oh I wish I had a skirt like that! Darling I gave you an award on my latest post!! xxxx

  3. Its the slack french postmen – i always have issues with them!!!
    But you’re right, it could also be the fbi!! If they take me in for questioning I wont mention your name, don’t worry!!
    They are usually lazy slackers and wont give me anything but envelopes during the week and saturday they bring bulkier items cause they have the car. So fingers crossed ill have it by tomorrow!!! 🙂 i am excited!!!
    and yeah we leave the flat at the end of next week!! I am so excited to leave!!

    When do you think you will begin house/flat hunting?? I am excited for you! xxx

  4. I think it will still taste like heaven even if it is melted!!
    Mmm melted cadbury ♥ you are too kind doll!
    Haha yes and post on saturday is awesome! we dont have it in aus either.
    I think ill send your little package wrapped up in foil to try and keep it cool haha.

    Yesss and I can’t wait to go home!!!! I am so excited! but trust the last 2 weeks to go super slow!! I am so glad its almost the weekend though cause mat and i can do stuff to get ready then monday we are off to his friends 2nd house in the country to relax by the pool and pass the time till we have to come back and say goodbye to family. It is really surreal!

  5. Oh that picture is just, perfect (: Now I want to wear some chiffon and twirl around in my room (: have a great weekend! oh and ps: Cadbury chocolate is enough to make me happy! heehee xoxo

  6. dannidupa

    i can always expect your post to be beautiful! love reading your blog!

  7. Eve

    I love that picture!! Soooooo pretty!!!
    And by the way, since you asked, I got the lead female part in the play 🙂

  8. That photo makes me feel happy. 🙂

  9. Love the movement and the out of focus look. Nice to find another artist who likes to have fun! 🙂

  10. such a beautiful picture! I love it…

  11. Magical photo, i love it.

  12. gorgeous photo. i want to be her now 🙂

  13. jenniferautumn

    I love the little fairy lights around it too!

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