And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

Or maybe more aptly titled:
The Rise Before The Fall

So yesterday was kinda great.

It didn’t seem like it was going to go that way as I ran, arms flailing and sweat dripping, for my Luas, only to have it drive off as I got within two seconds of it.

You just know he saw me, waited for me to get close and then took some serious sexual pleasure in closing those doors.

Anyway, I trudged into work 20mins late, realising that today was the day that they were doing stuff to the electricals in our centuries-old building, which would result in chaos as we would be missing hours of recordings.
The predicted hour blackout turned into two hours and 30mins.

Turned out the discourse was indeed sweet and I got to catch up on Vogue and Elle.

The final few hours of my working day were a bit mental, what with having to work and all that, but I was unaffected by the madness, knowing that I was going to spend a few preciously rare hours with the recently dubbed ‘vixen’, Miss Blau Von T.

Yes, my friends, the reincarnated harlot of the silent movie era had made her way to Dublin from Cork!

We spent glorious hours drinking chocolate bars made into milkshakes (thank you Evolution) and shopping in Urban Outfitters.
Turns out today was the beginning of their Summer sale and you can colour me bargained!
My wardrobe is beaming as I speak!
Eh, type.
You know what I mean.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get more wonderful, along came Whisty.
Twas like my birthday and Christmas in one hanging out with these girls.

You already heard me rave about Blau in previous posts and you’re about to endure some raves with the subject matter of Whisty.
She’s just a gem.
Bloody hilarious.
Painfully fashionable.
And I kinda want her hair.
I hear scalping is illegal now…. *sigh*

So we giggled and innuendoed and spilled some beans over giant burgers and cider at Gourmet Burger.
Frickin’ sweet.

Heading home on the bus, The Boy text to say he’d collect me from the stop, which is really very sweet considering we live about a 4mins walk from it and so there’s no need at all for him to raise his bum from the couch.

Exhilarated from my wonderful evening and heart-warmed by his gesture, I felt compelled to plant an enthusiastically passionate kiss on him upon our meeting.

Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic and he, completely caught off guard by my attempted mouth rape, lost his balance, causing me to lose my balance….and then fall over in the middle of the street while he stood helplessly watching.

I have a scraped elbow and knee.
And a potentially broken toe.

So much for a romantic Hollywood-esque embrace!




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22 responses to “And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh – but I giggled as I read this. With the last guy I dated I kept trying to get a ‘Hollywood Kiss’ but every time it went completely wrong. It brings back memories.

  2. The wedding was wonderful!

  3. whisty

    Goodness gracious, my hair?!?
    YOUR hair!
    It’s divine. Utterly so.
    We were crushing on each other’s hair and neither of us knew…

  4. Luas drivers are mean. Sounds like a great day though!

  5. I’ve never seen Whisty’s hair, but I can already tell you that I want it, and that it’s far far nicer than mine. My hairdresser recently suggested that I take Head High tablets and wash my hair with horse shampoo. I’m deadly serious. I’m going bald!

    That sounds like a smashing day. Since relocating to Cork I really miss all my Dublin friends… And I’m yet to make any Cork ones, given the no job situation. At the moment, my laptop is my best friend. Gah.

    But I am about to make myself a delicious lunch. (No friends in Cork = Putting on a stone)

    • Oh dear!

      And you live in Cork!? How the hell did I miss that? I thought you were a Dublin girl…kept meaning to organise a get-together!

      • I’m a Dublin girl born and bred!! I’ve lived in Dublin all my life until two months ago!! I’m so very very Dublin it’s unbelievable. But I moved to Cork temporarily when my boyfriend was offered a really good job down here. I come to Dublin almost every weekend though! 🙂 xx

  6. dustjacket attic

    Oh that was the best…sorry!

    Hey sounds so great to catch up with Miss Blau and Co, no wonder you were on a high!

  7. I to spent a good hour in urban! 3 tops, a pair of trousers and the dress I’ve been longing for for so long are now sitting proudly….in an urban bag on my bedroom floor. I’m extra lucky though, as well as sale prices, I got a lovely discount, thanks to my lovely boy, who works there!

  8. Zoe

    I actually came here via Blau via Whisty. Its fantastic to see Irish bloggers meeting up and getting on brilliantly like our contemparts in the UK, US and Europe!
    I’ll be in Dublin on Saturday, hope theres some stuff left in the UO sale for meee!

  9. I’ve lost count of the amount of times LUAS and bus drivers have waited til I’m just at the stop before leaving. I recently resolved to not run if I saw one leaving so at least now I don’t look like a fool when I miss my bus!

  10. Great post, loved reading it!SarahD:)

  11. And THIS is why I love you. That is exactly what would happen to me.

  12. Very nice day! Get anything good at Urban? 🙂

  13. Aww, I hate those Luas drivers doing that! It happens to me all the time!
    And UO…will check them tomorrow, there are so many things that I want…

  14. An active day alright! Here in Paris the sales will only start in a few days…

    Thanks for popping in on my blog! Loved reading your comment, dear fellow fashionista!

  15. Aleza

    Aww I love it! And even though the kiss might’ve not gone quite as picture-perfect as you planned, you get full points for effort! (;

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