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Fantabulous Foto Friday

Hello Folks!
Hope you enjoyed the guest posts featured here over the last ten days!
Thanks again to the lovely ladies for helping me out!

My big move (ie: the reason I took the break) hasn’t happened, due to us realising what a HOLE of a place the house really was, so I’ve spent that last couple of weeks house hunting.
I’m feeling quite hopeful right now, because I think myself and The Boy may have struck gold, but I don’t want to jinx it so shhhhhhh.

Anyway, May is going to be ker-ray-zay, between continuing the house hunt, actually moving, potentially welcoming two new kittens (eeeeeeee) and heading to Paris with The Bessie.

I’m going to give myself a break from blogging for the month.
I could keep trying to churn out posts, but they’d be all complete shite and you guys deserve better than that.

So I will see you all again at the start of June, when I will dazzle you with pictures and anecdotes and general hilarity.

Don’t forget me!
Love you all!



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A Weekend in Paris: Attempt Number 1

I can’t remember the last time I procrastinated this much to avoid writing a post.
I don’t think I actually ever have.
My thesis holds my Longest Ever Proscrastinationing record, but this is definitely the Post Procrastination winner.
Dunno why…I’m just not super enthusiastic about writing about the Paris mini-break at the moment.
Because it was so shit…

….is what you are now thinking.
Ha ha ha, see what I did there!?
I crack me up!
*wipes tear*

Anyway the writer’s block is no reflection on the trip.
My brain is just in overdrive at the moment with all the moving stuff and planning for future kittens and coming up with decorating ideas and work stuff and everything…
*deeeeeeeep breaths*

Anyway it was a really nice weekend.
Even if it was raining quite a bit.
Although it wasn’t really a holiday to be honest.
It was a “The Boy has to see his sick granny” trip.
So there was no sight-seeing.
Or trips to our favourite restaurant for the best pizza in the world.
Or afternoon naps because we’re too warm and lazy to function.
Or getting lost.
Or buying Parisian souveniers.
Or hunting down carousels.

It was strange for us to be in Paris and not spend our entire time trying to fit in as many touristy sights as possible, but it was definitely the most French trip I have ever had to France.

*35mins later*
Yup………nothing’s happening.
Well there was a bit of writing, but I don’t have the energy to do the weekend justice right now.
So instead of forcing it, I’ll give it a shot again tomorrow.
Stay tuned for Take 2!


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What becomes of the broken hearted…

Lad’s I’m in bits.
The Kittens are gone.

We handed them over to their new owners this morning.
With tears on my part.
(how embarrassing!)

The apartment seems so big and empty now and I feel a little lost.
They had so many little quirks and habits and routines that it’s constantly obvious that they’re not here anymore.

Whenever I stand up, I automatically look to see where they are so I can avoid standing on them when they run over to see what I’m doing.

When I open a bag of popcorn, I immediately expect Floyd to hop up on the couch beside me.
When The Boy walks into a room, I look to see if Judy is draped across his shoulders, happily purring.
But they’re not there.
And it’s painfully obvious that they’re not ours anymore.

I’m literally heartbroken.

And I know that might make me sound like a Crazy Cat Lady, but I’m too sad to care.
We adored those kittens and all their quirks.
So here’s a gallery of adorable pictures that I expect you all to look at and then leave comments telling me they were the most beautiful creatures ever.
*sad face*


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I close my eyes, So I can’t see you leaving

Lads, I’m gutted.
I’ve just waved goodbye to the future Mammy and Daddy of The Kittens.

That’s right.
We’ve found a family for our babies.
This blog can solve ALL problems.

Except I was secretly hoping we’d never find a family for them and we’d get to keep them forever, guilt-free because we’d TRIED to find a new home for them.

You blog folk really ralllied to help out and I received so many emails from you guys suggesting potential new homes and putting me in contact with possible new owners.
And then I received an email from Miss Canadian (she’s from Canada) and my heart sank as I knew we’d found an amazing home for The Kittens.

So I met Miss Canadian and Mr Not-Canadian this evening and jebus, they’re the loveliest people ever!
And they’re cat people.
And The Kittens warmed to them fairly quickly.
And they have a lovely house.
And they work for CHARITIES!
And did I mention how nice they were? Cos they were really nice!

I Hate Them.
*sad face*

So we get to keep our babies until the end of September, because Miss Canadian and Mr Not-Canadian are getting married in Canada in a week’s time and are then getting sorta-married again here in September.
They don’t want to be living in sin when they have their babies!
How perfect are they!?????

The Boy and I were terrible role models with all our unmarried-living-togethers….a couple of feckin’ harlots, we are….what kind of example are we setting?
*weeps into a handkerchief*

But really they want to get all their crazy wedding stuff out of the way so The Kittens can settle in better.

They’re perfect.

I feel blue.


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Let me tell you about the time I….told my mother I was pregnant by text

Myself and The Boy had just been told that we could have our two kittens, and knowing how much Ma likes cats, she was the first to be told.

Me: “Hey you’re going to be a granny!”

10mins silence

Ma: “What!?”

Me: “Yeah, we’re getting two kittens!”

Ma: “Oh thank God!”

Me: “Lol, serious? Did you think you really think I’d tell you I was pregnant by text?”

Ma: “Yes I did.”

I have obviously been really lovely to Ma….


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The Kittens….




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Kudos to them for not puking afterwards….

Lol, so I was back in the blogosphere a whole five days …and then I disappeared again!

Basically Judy (baby girl ginger kitten) got sick and I spent all my free time worrying about her, instead of blogging.

So here is my last few days in bulletpoints:

  • General Week: Work, Cry, Sleep, Work, Cry, Sleep, etc, etc
  • Friday Night was spent watching the Late Late Toy Show, which always signals the beginning of my Christmas season and which was actually good this year, unlike the past ten years that Pat Kenny strangled it.
  • Saturday morning, after a thorough investigation of Judy, we decided she seemed much better and we wouldn’t need to drug her and smuggle her passed the caretaker and to the Saturday Morning Vet.
  • 8pm,  I arrive back home to find she has now suffered a cut to the inside of her eye, which looks like it could become a gross infection.
  • Saturday afternoon was spend finger painting and making things out of lollipop sticks and baking a Tank cake with a six-year-old and two four-year-olds. Note to self: mixing icing with small children is a terrible idea.
  • Saturday night was filled with X Factor, jager and cider. ending up in a local nightclub and then wandering the streets alone clutching a bag of chips and asking God (outloud) to please let me get home safe. Gooooood times though!
  • Late, late Saturday nights ….being out-smarted by my five-month-old kittens who managed to steal and eat my chips, which were covered in vinegar and salt. Kudos to them for not puking afterwards.
  • Sunday was spent chirpy and listening to GaGa while cleaning the apartment.
  • Sunday night consisted of Family Fortunes and X Factor, while cuddled up on the couch with The Boy and the kittens.


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